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See? I picked up on the right subtext.
See? I picked up on the right subtext.

Pssssh. Well, of course Euphemia would pick Suzaku as her knight. I’m having a little more trouble keeping up with all the alliances and relationships in this plot but, gee… if a young, naïve princess is looking at a line-up of government agents who can protect her, who honestly would be surprised when she picked the handsome, dashing young man she’s already got on a date or two with? I don’t know why so many of you lunatics hate Suzaku so much. Maybe he’s not looking at the big picture, but he’s still got great honor and bravery and all the qualities you’d want in your sister’s boyfriend. I use that specific relationship because it seemed like that was what Lelouch was angling to ask his old pal about becoming before all the battlin’ had to start.

Watching this kind of felt like trying to handle an iron after you accidentally burned yourself on it. Yeah, you know it’s still going to work, but you’re still that much more testy when it comes to using the thing to work the wrinkles out of your shirt.

I’m alluding to just how ridiculous the last episode was, of course.

I was waiting for another shoe to drop or a turret to be dodged, as it were. We do get the big shocker of Suzaku’s identity finally getting revealed to Zero and his black knights - - which, while dramatic, isn’t as stupefying as Mao hopping back up after getting pumped full of lead. Actually, it kind of harps on how delicate and/or absurd the stability of these mech battles is. These kids are all classmates, yet they’re fighting with or against eachother in what feels like a triple-blind psychology study. Come to think of it, should they really be surprised about Suzaku here? Wasn’t he publicly accused of treason before enrolling in the academy? Didn’t they not bother to come up with a cover story for him? Wasn’t his piloting of the Lancelot well-known before that? Who else would anybody suspect of driving the thing now?

Maybe I just asked more questions than Suzaku every has. Rimshot!

Watch this episode “Knight” below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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You'll learn to hate Suzaku later on but for now he's ok.
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Suzaku's cover is that he works in the engineering core. The've mentioned it before, i can't remember when exactly, but  that's what all the students think. And the reason the Britannians hide his identity as the Lancelot's pilot is because, well, he's not britannian. They knew the public would react... less than favorably, to say the least. It'd be like the American people finding out that Sitting Bull was working for the government less than a year after the Battle of Little Bighorn
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@metalsnakezero said:
You'll learn to hate Suzaku later on but for now he's ok.
Wait why is--Oh.  OHHH!!! I can't believe I forgot about that.  Though, I can't remember if Suzaku was piloting Lancelot before or after he was accused of treason.  

Also love how Tohdoh is able to use the smokescreen he obviously knew about beforehand.

Overall, though, it was much tamer than the insanity that was the last episode.  Still don't know how the new suits help out in any other way than to make them look stylish.
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If there is one characteristic I dislike about a person it's naivety. Suzaku is honorable, but he is so naive that he doesn't seem like his own person. I believe that when someone is presented with two sides of the same issue they should investigate both sides. Suzaku has relentlessly refused to consider anything from the other side.
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Suzuaku isn't naive, he just has to believe what he does to justify the actions he's taken.  Because if what he holds true is false, everything he's done becomes worthless and he can't handle that.
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@lurkero: The main reason Suzaku doesn't agree with what Zero is doing (trying to fight the enemy head-on) is because he already dealt with that when he was a kid.  The whole deal with his dad revolved around this idea he had in his mind where if he killed him he could single-handedly end a war.  

That's what made him naive, not his decision to refuse Zero's way of thinking.  He's not saying actually refusing Zero's mindset, either; he's trying to repress the thoughts he had during that fateful day.  Since he afraid of trying his old theory again, this repression eventually grows into this insane wager Suzaku silently makes with Zero to prove that he can indeed change the corrupt empire through the inside, rather than revert back to his "childish mindset" of taking the enemy head-on. 

I bet my last dollar if he didn't try to off his dad, Suzaku would have defected to the Black Knights when Zero saved him from his execution.  This time, he would have approached Zero's choice with the mindset that he failed to do something and now he would be atoning for his indecision.
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@rxanadu: @kashif1:
Shhhhh!!!!!! You two need to hold back with your words. Put some Spoiler tags on them before Tom's eyes start wandering.
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I can find anything that can outdo anime ridiculousness Thom Pickup:
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yea I always thought they should have figured out who he was before here to.  But this pales in consideration that um...all these people are high school students..THE ARMY IS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS?????

Yes many anime take this route and some sci-fi books have as well...still doesn't make it any more ridiculous though.
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@zombiepie: Not as ridiculous, but this is the definition of rock.

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Looks interesting. I wish had more time.
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@Tom_Pinchuk: David Hasselhoff is totally rock Tommy Lickup:
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@sotyfan16: Yeah it has, that's episode 16. Mao's the one who revealed it. Tom just hasn't mentioned it for some reason.
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@Tom_Pinchuk: just wanted to say i'm loving these Geass watch and learn things! i just finished the series a few months ago and i'm the ONLY person i know who's seen it, so its good to see other people's thoughts on it, i can't wait to see what you think about the later developments with Lelouch's father (the king) i won't say anymore, but i got some heavy opinions on it, anyway keep up the good work!
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