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  • Nyankoi! by Sato Fujiwara, due out July 2010, about a boy who hates cats who falls for a girl who loves cats.
  • Shisso Holiday by Hiro Kiyohara, also out July 2010, about a girl who fakes her own kidnapping to determine how much her adopted family cares about her.
  • The Phantom Guesthouse, by Nari Kusakawa, also July 2010-- a guy falls into a magical manuscript world.
  • Rika Suzuki's gorgeous Tableau Gate, due August 2010.
  • Another really gorgeous cover on Usaramu Furuya's 51 Ways to Save Her, a rated-M disaster drama.


We're at our final panel of the convention, DC Comics' CMX Manga panel, and a little bird tweeted that there's at least one new license announcement, so stay tuned as always!
Asako Suzuki, director of manga at CMX, Jim Chadwick, editor of the line, Larrry Berry the art director, and Chynna, the assistant editor (who just started last Thursday) are running the panel. They're currently talking up and showing art for the dozen titles they announced at Anime Expo.
New announcements here-- Nyankoi by Sato Fujiwara, which is a very popular title due out in July 2010. Next up is a teen drama called Shisso Holiday, also out July 2010....
Tableau Gate is Sexy
Tableau Gate is Sexy
Two Flowers for the Dragon creator Nari Kusakawa's The Phantom Guesthouse, another July 2010 book, is about a guy who falls into a strange realm via a magical manuscript, which continues to update as they have adventures.
Wow, this one has gorgeous art-- Rika Suzuki's Tableau Gate, due out August 2010. 
Another gorgeous book cover-- Usaramu Furuya's 51 Ways to Save Her. I actually whistled at it before I could stop myself. And that's it!


Let's see... any good questions?...
Kikaider, they're getting the last volume, and no, they don't have Kamen Rider Spirits.
They do a lot less editing and changing of books now than they used to do before (ahem) certain events.
A lot of talk a bout Swan (one guy gets up and announces that he is an adult heterosexual male who reads the manga, earning himself some applause). 
Another girl asks about the beautiful new license, 51 Ways to Save Her, actually about the plot, which Asako declines to give away. If you want to know why the girl is dressed as a gothic lolita and how she got separated from the guy who has a crush on her, you'll haveto read it! And since I didn't give you those details earlier, I hope it sounds mysterious and awesome to you.
That's pretty much the end, except for Ed (from Vertical Inc.) pining that he didn't get 51 Ways himself!
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I wasn`t really pining as much as I was jealous, but still wanted to provide an afterword for the book. Being a huge Usamaru fan I want to make sure sales for the title are high, so maybe I was a little vein in believing my stamp of approval would help but it could not hurt either.
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