Weekly Campione! Ep. 7 - Wind, Wolf, Rain

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Welcome to the Weekly Campione! report! Last week's episode sets up the battle between Godou and another Campione, Duke Voban. It started with a meaningless pursuit, but we got more of Yuri and Liliana's back story.


In the Campione battle between Godou and Duke Voban, Godou is at his wit's end until Yuri and Erica lend him some "help" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Can Godou beat Duke Voban?


Beware of spoilers!


Liliana feels left out :)
Liliana feels left out :)
  • Godou and Yuri got their relationship jump started.
  • Liliana becomes an ally after Erica's strange black mail. I like her Tsundere personality and her and Yuri's reactions when Erica kisses Godou right in front of them.
  • The girls stole the spotlight from Godou. I felt they did most of the work in this episode.


Godou's Words of Power not only hurts his foes but bore them to death
Godou's Words of Power not only hurts his foes but bore them to death
  • Too Repetitive: I love how cool Godou's golden world and the swords are since the first episode. It reminds me of Archer's Unlimited Blade Works reality marble. Yet, it starts to get boring since Godou keeps doing the same thing. He has to kiss to receive information about his enemies to activate his Words of Power ability and Golden Sword. Plus, the duke is very persistent, and the process repeats twice.
  • Catfight: I know we guys have some weird fascination when two girls start beating up each other up. Yet, Erica and Liliana's fight wasn't that great. It didn't have enough action.
  • Characters so Far: What do you guys and gals feel about the characters. I thought Yuri was cute, but she is a bit whiny. Hopefully, she changes. I like Liliana the most in this episode than Erica because I think I got a soft side for tsundere characters.

Overall, the episode is good but not great. It had some decent action, but it gets a bit repetitive when Godou starts rambling about the gods and background on Duke Voban's powers. It's good for the wiki pages, but it didn't have enough suspense to keep the fans interested.

Kissing Gallery

I was thinking of something extra to do for this report, but I got another kissing gallery. Feel free to suggest some cool stuff we can do in these reports.

Oh, Sonata uploaded a naughty French Kiss GIF. Don't worry it's not Athena.

For more GIFs, check out the GIF thread.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. Please support the anime and the wiki editors who are working hard in these projects. So far, it's going well.

This is the Kokoro Connect page. It looks awesome
This is the Kokoro Connect page. It looks awesome

Wiki Progress: I just finished Ep. 7's wiki page with Daniel's help. Daniel did a cool thing with the character section for the Campione! series. It's not done yet. Rest assured, he would have something awesome for the design. He did this to the Binbogami Ga!, Kokoro Connect, and other anime series page. It looks awesome. Daniel Newton is one of the most creative and innovative wiki editor here, and I'm glad to work with him.

For more information on the Campione! wiki project, check out the project blog and wiki list.

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Pretty cool episode, much better than last weeks I thought. LOL his Words of Power can be annoying after awhile, It feels like i'm in school every time.
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I hope he get some new moves. I'm going to make some Trivia questions for this series like I did for Fairy Tail and Sket Dance a while ago.

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