Weekly Campione! Ep. 6 - The Kings Converse

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Welcome to the Weekly Campione! report. Last week was a mellow episode that brought some attention to Yuri Mariya. This week, we get a better insight on her and her relationship with Duke Vobon and Liliana.


Duke Vobon challenges Godou in a game where Godou must avoid capture by the duke until dawn in order to free Yuri.

Can Godou do it?


Beware of Spoilers


  • We finally get to know Yuri's back story and the ritual she did four years that was supposed to summon Athena for Duke Voban.
  • If you're a fan of Erica, she had a lot of action scenes; Godou didn't do much.
  • The action is building up for the next episode since Godou's Horse avatar didn't do so hot against Duke Voban's werewolf form. Makes me wonder how will Godou beat the guy.


Erica: Know your place, Yuri.
Erica: Know your place, Yuri.
  • Competition or Not:I put this as a maybe for you guys. I tend to like harem shows if the potential love interests are competitive. Yuri is just too submissive to Erica. I hate to be off-tangent, but I find Ayeka vs Ryoko or the Rosario Vampire ladies funny when they fight over the guy. Some fans don't like the cliche. It's up to you guys, and it's a bit early in the series. I'm hoping for some competition.

Overall, this episode is more exciting than last week's episode. I hope the action picks up in the next episode. It's too bad that we don't get a episode preview clip. Maybe, Athena will show up to Godou's rescue, or Godou becomes a man and beats the guy himself.


Thank you everyone for reading this report. Please support the franchise and wiki editors who are working hard on this project. Any help, blogs, or comments would be awesome. It makes the community a better place if more people get involved.

Wiki Progress

There was a lot of information in this episode. After finishing Ep. 6, I will update Yuri, Duke Vobon, and Liliana's origin stories. I did updated Campione concept page, and today's new wiki page is Copper Black Cross. For more information, check out the Campione! wiki project and wiki list.

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I thought that whole pursuit game was pretty pointless. As soon as time was up they were immediately found. The only reason I can think of is that it was to strengthen the bond between Yuri and Godou. Anyways I'm an Erica fan and I enjoy watching her kick buttXD
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Oh yeah, I haven't thought about that. I thought these Campione fights would be held in tournament or in official battles. They haven't explained yet which leaves us hanging.

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