Weekly Campione!: Ep. 2

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Welcome to the 2nd report on the Campione! series! Continuing where we left off, Godou steals the Golden Sword from Verethragna and has his First Kiss with Erica. It was a good episode.


Back in Japan, Erica gets very close with Godou because she has pledge her love for him in very bold manner much to Godou's shock. Shizuka and Godou's classmates are very surprised as well. When Amakasu tells Godou that Erica might be under orders to seduce him, Godou asks Erica after they have a duel in Italy.

Godou, the Campione!
Godou, the Campione!

Is Amakasu telling the truth or is Erica really in love with Godou?



Erica's seductive smile
Erica's seductive smile
  • Lots of fan service for those who enjoyed Erica's nude scene. I liked Erica because she has awesome powers and she is not shy about showing off her love for Godou.
  • The Italian Feeling: I enjoyed hearing new words like Bachio (kiss) and Diavola Ross (Red Devil).
  • Speaking of Erica's powers, Godou's Ten Avatars powers are interesting. They require a condition which hasn't been reveal much.
  • New Characters: There's a lot, and the harem feeling is coming out as you see more girls.


  • There's not much bad stuff. For those who hate fan service, this anime is not for you since it uses it a lot.

It can be bit slow if you guys and gals want to know why the Campione are fighting each other. Lots of questions is brewed by this episode. Who is Pandora and Epithemus and other things pop in. Answers will come soon. Overall, this episode is great and has more fan service than the first episode. You can see Erica's butt at the beginning of the episode. However, Arianna is more funnier in the first episode.


Please enjoy the images. For more images, check out the episode 2 gallery or the characters' galleries.


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