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While I’m on this kick of sampling new shows after KOKORO CONNECT, it seemed right to check out CAMPIONE! (as brought up by our very own Daniel_Newton.) Since “new” is really the operative word, here, I want to say up front that I honestly miss a lot of the flat coloring you’d find in these shows before computers took up that part of the burden. This show just looks too… glossy. Like the sheen tool’s been applied indiscriminately. Maybe that’s simply a product of this specific crew not having the best eye for the material, but I’d honestly prefer some sloppiness over an anti-septic feel.

Anyway, I’m kind of tired of the Greco-Roman myths. I say that was somebody who *AHEM* wrote a comic about them and has subsequently been having to live with the subject for five years, so I realize I’m a special case. However, even if that wasn’t in the cards, I don’t know how strong an angle these lost gods are, anyway.

Actually, you know what it really comes down to? Presentation.

I write a lot about how I’d prefer a series to hit the ground running and cut over most of the small talk - - but the pendulum can swing the other way, too! This episode’s so stuffed with plot that it doesn’t even have an intro or an outro. It really needs all that extra time to cover what it’s trying to say, making it another demonstrative case of excessive front-loading. You don’t get the sort of manic, breathless pace to this junior occultist's journey into esotery that anybody looking for. Instead, it all just feels rushed and hurried.

For as much as we rag on exposition, you still need at least some of it. We need a longer explanation for that boar god. We need a longer explanation for those arcana circles.

Watch this episode, "Tale of the Beginning” here and decide for yourself.

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(Yo, guys, I know who I'm being here, right now: I'm being a dick.

I've been noticing lately that in one part of a post, a word will be spelled one way, and then it will be spelled correctly later on. That shouldn't happen.)

I've almost given up on Campione! I think that the writing isn't solid, and there was one episode where I was confused, where I shouldn't have been (the transfer student episode). I just feel like it's going to turn into a harem and increase in a lack of substance.

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Don't worry about it. Yeah, Campione! is a harem anime. By episode 5, you got the second girl who has a crush on Godou. I don't mind people talking how bad an anime is on the weekly reports I do. I welcome all criticism.

For Tom's article, I agree with how they packed so much things. Verethragna's battle could have been longer. I wouldn't mind if they continue to episode 2 and end episode 1 with Godou obtaining the Golden Sword. The way they ended the battle is bit awkward and too short. I expected a better fight between Godou and him. The Boar god is one of the Ten Avatars if you continue watching up to episode 2.

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@takashichea: Err by 5 you have 3 is you count a godess/demigodess .Yeah It is a harem anime.Just barely still watching this.As they did the whole plot introduce a character out of the blue your like wth is this? An the main character already knows thing.

Least the main guy is not a whimp .That seems to run far to much.Tho bit more ecchi is a bit better over all .

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@Marshal Victory:

Oh, I forgot about Athena. Thanks. Based on the theme song, it's mostly the other girls who are at his side. I haven't read the manga or the Light Novel. I do agree it's possible for Athena.

You should definitely join the discussion for Hagure Yusha no Estetica. Akatsuki Ousaka is definitely stronger than Godou and more "assertive."

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I am enjoying Campione! so far The summer has been lacking in terms of action. The fan service through the series can get kinda old, but I like Erica and Godou isn't a wimp which are pluses for me. 
As for Akatsuki 
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@takashichea: I just might :)

Think that is what is keeping me watching Campione! is its not a usual harem male lead is whimp story.But what story is their is rushed it seems to get to the harem bits.I am not expecting Bleech here but at least give us time to enjoy the journey .

@Sonata: In Akatsuki he was just training his powers.. an keeping a eye on his demon kings daughter at the same time.Cant a guy multitask in the shower an it shower an it not be creepy?.... yeah i guess not :)

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@Sonata said:

I am enjoying Campione! so far The summer has been lacking in terms of action. The fan service through the series can get kinda old, but I like Erica and Godou isn't a wimp which are pluses for me.

As for Akatsuki

However, I still cannot imagine that Erica is willing to share his "boyfriend" with other girls, this fan service make me feel unrealistic.

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