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It's cute until you think about it.
It's cute until you think about it.

Well, sooner or later some of that sexual tension was going to have to give. If Yoga does ends up getting with Mashu in this demented “Betty or Veronica” scenario, what does that say about how he’s been changing as a human being? He basically started this whole endeavor to impress Ikuta, but we haven’t seen too much of her since the threat of her departure arose. He hasn’t even been worrying about her - - maybe I’m just supposed to infer that she left and he’s moved on? Either way, the kid will most definitely have gotten in too deep with the game if he ends up choosing a sprite over a real, flesh-and-blood girl.

Of course, I’ve just skipped over the whole first half of the show where Mikuni gets his own tragic origin (complete with insectile visual aides!) Sheesh, between this and that MUSHI-SHI episode, I feel like I’ve been reading a bunch of zero issues lately. The portion does certainly gives some context to the man’s altruistic sympathies and his deep-seated desire to defy the ways of business. I suppose you could even attribute the flair of his battle attire to him being a frustrated musicians. Man, I have several friends who’re musicians and it’s consistently frustrating to watch a band split up when they’ve got a lot of raw talent and potential. Your mind immediately turns to what they could’ve become if “disagreements” didn’t get in the way - - you can practical see their “future collateral” getting dumped into a waste basket. Then again, some would argue that means it was never meant to be anyway and, bringing it back [C] – CONTROL, maybe a guy like Mikuni was ultimately better fit to be financial warrior than a guitarist.

Such are the real tough questions that never have easy answers. Yoga’s going through such an existential dilemma, himself. At what point does cool-headedness become complacency or cowardice? If he gets his butt kicked now, does that mean that no amount of training or growth will sharpen his instincts? Good gristle to chew on.

And I’d be remiss not to point out how eerie Masakaki’s entrance was. He’s really like some omniscient and omnipresent imp who’s there to tempt you at all waking hours.

Watch this episode “Composition" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I don't even want to think about what the hentai artists would do with this stuff.  I mean the first ramen scene was a little to much, especially when someone else talked about wondering how big the whole was.  It gets a little more interesting on this front as things quickly come to a head.  He grows up and we get to see what he thinks his future might really represent.
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