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Only in America baby! Er... or Japan.
Only in America baby! Er... or Japan.

It would figure that Quagmire would be competing as an entre in between FAMILY GUY seasons…

As impressed as I am by the supreme creativity displayed by the various “flation” attacks, I’m not quite seeing the upside to participating in this arena. Yoga isn’t exactly reaping too many benefits for all the devastating losses he could suffer after getting defeated in one of these matches. Such a high-risk activity would never survive the most basic kind of cost-benefit analysis in micro-economics! It’d make sense for the world to be running amuck if these entres were living the wanton high life but…. I guess you have to be at it for a long time?

Yoga’s mentor seems to be the only entre with the right idea about how to how handle all of this. It seems like he’s trying to stage a hostile takeover/corporate buyout from within the system - - that would be like the behavior of the perfectly forward-thinking entrepreneur at least. Others just accept the cost of the game; he finds a way to work its rules to change his world.

And man, the professor is dealt one rough hand. First the kids, now your wife? It was some very perceptive writing to have Yoga inflicted with such incremental reprisals here. He does bad on one test he actually studied for? Fine. But more importantly, his crush is getting a job that will take her somewhere else rather than her being actually harmed. It may be many degrees down on the scale, but the game’s getting at him through the same angle it got at the professor.

Never thought I’d I say I’m more interested in this guy’s social life over the bravura displays of power, but I am nevertheless interested to see more time put on that. Yoga's "endangered" crush seems to have lost some of her spunk from the first episode. I wonder if he’s going to get assertive/selfish enough to tell her how he feels, now? Then again, that kind of thing is almost banned in anime.

Also, the first ramen feeding scene was serious ewwwww. It seemed like some freaky set-up from a hentai. Or a Cronenberg movie.

Watch this episode “Cultivation" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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HA!!!  Can't say to much here as things get different as time goes on.  Yoga's mentor is one way to handle the situation.  The upside to the game is the amount of money you get if you win.  Remember his life changed dramatically from the beginning of the show.
As well there is so symbolism here I expect for loans, (school and otherwise) and deficits where you are betting your future to help the present.  So the game being rigged....
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@zaldar: Now that I think about it, this story could have gone a completely different way if the Financial District was set up just to ring up people who had enormous amounts of debt by providing a quick way to earn money without the whole pyramid scheme business.  Then, they'd have to deal with the consequence of showing a bum suddenly amass a massive fortune overnight.  Then again, that's exactly what happened in Yakuza 4.
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Have not seen Yakuza 4 so can't say but yeah I expect some people have had that story.  A side story in the universe could definitely deal with that.  Not really sure I see a pyramid scheme here though....but I haven't been able to watch the last few episodes. 
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