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Girls always dress sexy for Halloween.
Girls always dress sexy for Halloween.

+5000 Honorary XP points to Zaldar for bringing this show to my attention. Wow... you want to talk about something that just feels so new and hot that it’s practically burning off your monitor. I’ve been idly wondering when we’d ever see a story interpret the current economic miasma into some evocative fantasy metaphor. Oh sure, you can expect there to be plenty of closer-to-Earth comedies or dramas that’ll address the thing on surface level. I’m talking about something that tackles the almost metaphysical qualities the recession took on - - how it became some catch-all cause of anything and everything that could go wrong. It felt like some kind of boogey man or demon that would break the reliable old machines and make tomorrow’s sunrise unguaranteed.

That’s how it felt to me, at least.

It least seems like [C] – CONTROL could be going in a similar thematic direction with this Faustian fusion of TRON and WALL STREET about white collar gladiators who have to fight in a digital arena because they’ve maxed out their credit cards. Sometime after watching TRON LEGACY and SUMMER WARS, I commented that it’d be hard to find any further new angles on cyberspace. I’d seen the absurd, the sleek and the mundane and everything in between. Yet here came this show with one of the most terrifying and dizzying visualizations of a computer world that I’ve ever seen. This feels like an all-surrounding occult ritual that’s been accelerated by a fast modem; a ghoulish dreamscape of rapidly-pixelating phantasmorgia; a neon nightmare where credit cards are akin to Tarot cards.

And I want back in. Now.

I’ll give kudos to the translation staff or the original writers for a sub script that feels tighter than any other I’ve watched as of yet. For all its fantasia, this feels so real that your suspension of disbelief isn’t just easy, it’s thoroughly involving. You can get behind the kid’s frustrations about his overwork. You can believe he’d tell the demon ringmaster to piss off, because that’s what you do. You don’t feel like that demon’s a trite cartoon of a seducer, because he’s a charismatic salesmen who makes a hell of a persuasive argument. You can buy the bait of a relationship with the girl as the chip that drops the scale because she’s so cute, caring, independent and out-of-reach that you can’t help but recall the unattainable girls in your life.

I need to stop, now. I could just keep rambling. Man, I really want to continue this show, but there are only three episodes up so far. Who knows if the streaming will ever be dropped from underneath like a trap door?

Watch this episode "Complication" below and decide for yourself.

Read my thoughts on the previous series I've watched for this extended sampling...

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Well, this series is currently airing right now, so you should be able to follow it without any problems, with the caveat that if power production in Japan drops enough that they can't keep episodes going up in time, or if the production company thinks the Fractal studio had the right idea, then maybe you might see streaming drop.

But I doubt it.
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Am I the only one that see this as the show for Digimon fans who grew up? And the concept just screams Persona 4. Not that it's a bad thing.
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The last time i've watched a current anime was Code Geass, I'll have to give this a try.

Wow, only five episodes so far, if i like it i'll be caught up by the end of the week.
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Hey Tom, I don't know if anyone else has already suggested it to you, but if you can find it available for stream, "Soul Eater" would probably be up your alley. It's a relatively recent anime, and it shows.
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YEA!!  I'm glad you liked this one!  Yes it is airing now.  The animation quality drops a little in later episodes noticeably.  The show though stays wonderful and even gets more amazing as he enters and gets more involved in that world.

For the first three episodes the metaphor of economics holds up...I am not sure if it is going to become a digimon without a thematic basis (I would stop watching if that happens) but so far it hasn't seemed to.  Now go watch steins gate!  (and check out the first two episodes of last exile then by it as the rest are not streaming unfortunately great show though) 

And if you could make that exp real...(heh to bad we don't get anything for our the ability to spend it for advanced subscriptions..

Specific questions on this episode how did you like the way they did the talking between the mad hatter character and the main character?  I thought it was visually interesting having the writing on the side of the page.  The double wake up from the dream I also thought was well done.  Only experienced that once and it was supper weird..
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I've always loved the philosophy of money as an inevitable source of everything in our everyday lives.  This show looks like it'll explore that philosophy to great length.  

Despite knowing about this show a few months ago, It seems like every show I've seen recently has been due to these Watch & Learn articles.  In this case, this article was technically created due to zaldar's recommendation to Tom; thus, I'd like to thank both zaldar and Tom for making this another of my shows to watch!

Also, @newmarcom: I immediately thought of Igor and the Velvet Room in the limo when I saw that one car.  Except, that Mimi dude is like an evil version of Iggy, trying to get people into more debt.
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Very interesting. Glad you posted this, probably wouldn't have thought to watch it otherwise.
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I might check this out. When I first heard about it I thought it was about money and finance but then I saw a trailer and it looked like Yu-Gi-Oh or some card battle show and I figured I must have been confusing it with something else. After seeing that I lost all interest in watching it.

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@sickVisionz: There is card battles and it could become a Yu-Gi-Oh clone with little metaphor.  It hasn't through the first three episodes though. 

@rxanadu glad you like it!  You are certainly welcome for the suggestion first of my suggestions that went well I think.  *preens*  hmm Velvet  Not familiar with it.
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@zaldar: I'm watching the second episode at the moment and noticed that the ringleader guy is CG now.  Even Mashu was CG at one point.  It this what you meant by a drop in art quality?

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@zaldar: the Velvet Room is a staple of the Persona video game series. It's basically where you get more monsters to fight with in that game.  This is also why newmarcom said it was similar to Persona 4.      
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I watched an episode or two of this and didn't really like it.
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@InfiniteGeass: That's no biggy.  Was there something in particular you didn't like, or was it "just not your thing?"
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@rxanadu: yup.  I think he was cg in the first episode but it was just much more difficult to notice.  Third episode the drop is not as bad but still there.
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That first episode was pretty interesting.  I think I'm gonna keep watching this whether it gets a Watch and Learn or not.

Also, it's nice to see an anime that isn't centered around high school kids.
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@zaldar: Yeah.  I noticed it there, too.  Just remembered when I watched Nodame Cantabile.  It was  always in the orchestral bits, and it occurred so many times that I'm convinced the artists couldn't draw people playing violins

Also, I love how Minuki's main battle Asset looks like Valkenhayn.
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@rxanadu: just watched the fourth episode was interesting.  It does seem like it is going to go down a somewhat socialist bent or a capitalism with heart bent.   Yeah the two assets seem to be somehow related...or maybe their futures are related somehow as the asset is supposed to represent the power of that person's future.  I expect it will be explained eventually.  Third episode is also good.

I didn't notice any animation stuff on the 2nd or third episode but may have just gotten used to it don't know.
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One thing thats odd about C is that huluu has it just as animation an cartoons.. Not anime!


Other than that its not bad at all.It has a matrix/tron/wall street/digimon vibe thats freaky an weird an plays well . Tho time line wise it kinda fluxs a bit i think .What should be a flashback plays as curent time line.Or i missunder stood the teachers wife part totaly.


Good show.It Gosick, Deadman Wonderland,Blue Exorcist are top faves for new anime atm.

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Can't say I enjoyed this show. Felt like Digimon with an overly complicated plot. I plan on going back and checking out a couple more eps, but at the moment I don't see myself keeping up.
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