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Topic started by alucard_123 on May 3, 2011. Last post by CrackedOnyx 3 years, 9 months ago.
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1. What browser are you using?


     Google Chrome 10, Internet Explorer 8


2. What Operating System are you using?


     Windows 7


3. What is the exact link to the page you're having a problem with?


   Not any page in particular. But my last 4 wiki submissions can be viewed on this page -    


4. Details, details, details. Explain in details.



I submitted 4 wiki submissions shich were approved. Before they were approved, my wiki points were 279. Today, when I opened my profile, i saw 296 points. But it should be like 415, according to points. As in the 4 messages I received for each approval, in the 3rd message, I saw 411 points, but in the others, it came back to 296.
I really don't how  much I can elaborate more, but if there's something more that I should include, then please say so.    
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Sometimes it happens to me, I figure its just a common "glitch." I know other users experience this problem as well, usually for me it goes back to normal after a few hours or so, any longer and I would certainly contact a Staffer.

Hope you get fixed !

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This has been reported before on several of the Whiskey Media websites. It's been around since (I believe) the multi-pass feature was brought into play last, what was it, July? August?

@alucard_123: Go here and it should tell you how many points you actually have. That is also what your live edit privileges will be based off of. 
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I'm having a similar problem.  I'm using Firefox 4.0.1, my OS is Windows 7, and the page in question seems to be my profile.
I made a few edits last night, including an episode plot summary that earned me upwards of 500 points (which sounds a bit high, but hey).  Checked back in around lunchtime today, saw that the submissions had been approved, but that the episode recap in particular had not actually earned any points.  See for yourself:  
This is amusing.
This is amusing.
@courtney12490: I actually checked that page, and it shows that I have upwards of 900 points, which sounds about right. 
Anyway, not too worried about it, but thought you guys should know, since I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else recently.
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