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Anything involving counting seems to be borked. 

Total episode counts (You can view all six 10 episodes of Panty & Stocking), character appearance counts, concept appearances in anime, anything involving counting has some jank in it I've noticed.  Concepts and characters are especially annoying because there are wiki items that don't show up often or maybe only show up in one episode so if you link it to an episode and for some reason the system ignores that, well that concept can never be linked to the series unless you link it to episodes it wasn't actually in in hopes that one of them will eventually catch and the system recognizes the connection.  I've found a work around of waiting about 10 minutes after making a concept before linking it to an episode that usually works, but sometimes I forget and what about all the people making concepts who don't know about that work around?

Users can make pages that can't be accessed. 

Episode 0 of Panty and Stocking and Episode 190 of Naruto (the one with Japanese text) are two examples of this. 

Non-standard requirements for adding wiki articles 

To make a new item, you must add an image or you will get an error, but none of the other types of wiki articles you can make require this.  Is there a reason for this or is it a mistake?  When adding a new series, you must add an episode title.  Sometimes a series is announced, titled and has information released about it long before an episode list/title comes out.  It would be nice if this wasn't a mandatory field.  I'm a mod so I can go and change titles around as I see fit, but another user is going to have to go through a much longer process to change a made up title that someone gave an episode so they could add a series. 

Modding Manga... 

There is a chronic issue with users who have to go through moderation not being able to add manga series and volumes.  This is purely anecdotal, but the # of unfixable manga submissions i see as a wiki mod from these users compared to the number of new manga series that have been added by users who would have to go through moderation makes me think this issue affects an overwhelming majority of new users trying to add manga  series.
The error seems to happen because adding a new series adds a new volume and volumes must be attached to a series.  If you don't have to go through moderation, the system seems to work fine.  To a non-techie eye it seems like the system adds your series then links the volume to that  series.  When you go through moderation however, it seems like it tries to add the volume first.  I have to choose a series to attach the volume to, but there isn't a proper one to choose because it's supposed to be a new series that isn't in the database yet.
At that point the only option is to delete the wiki submission.  If a person didn't have to make a new volume when they make a new manga series, I think this issue wouldn't exist.  But even if that's not the root, the symptoms are there and they've been there (and reported to staff) for a looooooong time with no real sign that it will ever get fixed.

Manga from a Franchise

Another problem is that there isn't an editable Franchise box (or any Franchise box) for manga.  If a manga isn't linked to a franchise upon creation, then it's always destined to be floating out there.  Anime series have the Franchise box and I think it'd be a big help for manga as well.

Adding Images

 This button doesn't work for new episodes
 This button doesn't work for new episodes
A few weeks ago I noticed that this button doesn't do anything for new episodes that are added.  It goes through the motions of menus of adding images, but when it's all over nothing happened.  Everything still works normally for episodes created before I noticed this issue though.
This is more of a suggestion than a bug, but it'd be nice if adding images didn't force a page refresh.  I haven't fallen victim to this again, but it super blows to type a long article, go to add an episode image and then find out that you're locked out from saving your changes to the article.  

Main Image for an Anime Series

If any edits are made to an episode, that latest episode's main image becomes the default image for the anime series.

Viewing Images While Editing Something 

Sometimes images will up show up cropped... 
Sometimes images will up show up cropped... 

 ... and sometimes they're uncropped
 ... and sometimes they're uncropped
This is more of an annoyance than a bug, but In some of the cropped images entire characters are chopped out.  This is a pain if you're trying to link an image you've already uploaded to a character, item or anything that would be hard to identify if half the image was cropped out.  One image in the two pics above has both character in it almost completely cropped out.  It doesn't seem like cropping lets AV display more images per screen (both are 5x2) so what is the point of cropping and why is it only there for certain things and not others?
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Ah, I see what happened. The Japanese text and anything before it got ignored in the link. An admin needs to remove those broken episodes from the lists.
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A month ago, ethan said he would fix the problem in a big "code push." A month or two before I put that topic up, I mentioned the problem to him directly in a PM, yet the problems persist. No matter which browser I use on my computer I still cannot add new manga volumes to existing manga series if my life depended on it.
This is on top of a different issue I've noticed relating to new characters not showing up in the search bar at all unless you perform an extra edit to their profile. And even then, in at least one case, it may not register. I still cannot find the character of Brooklyn Luckfield when I tried adding him to the Super Robot Wars episodes. He exists in the wiki, but the search bar does not recognize the name at all.
I'd like to contribute some more manga to this wiki, but it's hard when I can't even fucking add any volumes without getting an endless loading bar, and then again when the characters don't even show up in the search engine without some extra coaxing.
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