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I`ve never been above a 1.000 so i guess i dont know that much.

But i noticed 2 weird things

1 I made a edit which supposed to give me 14 point but they didnt add up.
2 I`m still 101 even though some people with less points are higher.

That`s about all not really shure if its just delayed but i had to ask. :)
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About the missing points, maybe you should refer to this thread (or this one), I think. (A script is run daily which should fix point discrepancies).

About your position, as far as I know, the position in your profile is updated once a day (I don't remember the time). So, it will not change even if you gain many points during the day until that time (and will stay that way for 24 hours).
Post by Devilly (5,329 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Okay thanx for the info Jlrm :)
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