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Topic started by AURON570 on July 25, 2012. Last post by Daniel_Newton 2 years, 7 months ago.
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So I uploaded some screenshots, and then attached them to the episode page like I normally do, but it looks like some images were added 2 or 3 times.

I already tried fixing it by removing the copies manually from the images sections, but the episode page still shows multiples.

I'm using Chrome and Windows 7.

Edit: well since I'm here I might as well report a second bug about image uploading. Whenever I want to select images I have already uploaded to add to a page, I start selecting images, then scroll down, and the images I have already selected will reappear, sometimes they will already be selected, other times they will be unselected. If they are unselected and I reselect them, the image count does not change, but if they are selected and I click on them to unselect them the image count goes down.

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Alright some pictures to clarify the second bug, this is showing recently uploaded images as I try to attach them to an episode page.

From left to right. In this case, I scroll down and the same images reappear and they are already selected, but sometimes they just reappear and they are unselected.

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I have that problem as well. The way I bypass it is select the images from the top. When I see a image that I already select, I skip it. Usually, it's about 3 rows of duplicate images before I get to select images.

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@AURON570: Okay, lets see if I can explain this...

I don't know how you managed to make separate duplicates of those images, unless you manually uploaded the same set of images more than once, I can only chalk it up to the wiki having a random glitch. It happens rarely, though usually it's just one or two images. I haven't seen an entire set duplicated before.

That said, the reason the images are still showing up after you removed them is less of a mystery. All you've done is remove them from the "Episode #15" gallery. You didn't remove them from the series page (the "All Images" gallery) or the episode page itself. Go on one of the images, look at the pages it's attached to, and you'll see "Sunny With a Chance of Beans (All Images)" << that is the gallery of images that appears on the episode page.

What I suggest you do is go to the All Images gallery on the series page, remove the duplicates, then go to the episode page gallery and remove the same duplicates there. Check each image to make sure it's one of the ones you've removed from the series page before you remove it from the episode page, otherwise the galleries won't match up. If all that is too confusing, let me know and I'll do it for you. Don't forget the duplicates are still in your personal image gallery too, so you'll want to remove them from there as well.

As for the second bug, that's easy to work around. Basically, the top few rows of images are repeated, there aren't actually any physical duplicates in this case. Just scroll down a bit until the first images appears again and you've scrolled past the repeated images.

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@Daniel_Newton: Yeah that's what I've been doing to get around the second bug, but thought I'd mention it anyway so it's out there.

Okay FINALLY I figured out how to access the proper gallery for episode images. Thanks. Now time to do some repair work.

edit: alright, I'm just going to remove all images from the wiki galleries then try attaching them again.

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@AURON570: You're welcome, yeah you have to dig a little to access the actual episode galleries. Once you know how to do it it's easy enough.

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