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Topic started by PiFace314 on March 10, 2011. Last post by ShadowKnight508 3 years, 11 months ago.
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Uh-oh! looks like PiFace314's original post wasn't present! This is also a bug I'd like to point out, so we need your help, Top Men! Since I have the same problem...

System: Windows XP

Browsers Used: Firefox 3.6 and 4 (Beta)

The Problem At Hand

Whenever I edit anything, the "Your Posts are now Live" message isn't present when I click on "Save Changes". When I refresh said page, my edits are present, but I don't recieve ANY points at all! The same's happening to the other sites as well.
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My original post disappeared? 0_0
That being said, yes, it's EXACTLY the problem.

System: Mac OS X


Browsers Used: Firefox 3.6

 Or is it just a glitch with Firefox?
I'm also unable to assign tasks to myself, which is REALLY annoying.
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This is a problem that's been happening  across all WM sites. I imagine it's because they guys have the weekend off. Should be fixed by Monday. And don't worry, i'm sure any points you are not getting will appear once it's fixed. 
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This happened on Friday with my edits to the Astraea page...I missed out on perhaps 100 or so points, but it does not matter much.
My last 8 edits/additions to the Chaos page today awarded me points, so perhaps this was a one-day problem on Friday.
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