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Welcome everyone, this is a bug report on using phones. Please list all the troubles you have. I'll list mine, too. I don't use the phone since a computer is more useful. I can't post images or do wiki editing on it. Anime Vice isn't good with mobile devices. For the IPADs, in that bug report page (see link below), the IPAD cannot add images. Its text editor is also disabled just like the phone.

You don't have to post a pic of your phone. I did it for you guys.

For Battle Folks, the New Battle Forum Rules will put stress on phone users. You can't add images because of the phone. This bug report will also serve as a list of folks I can help edit their OPs and add images for them. I don't want them to feel frustrated and alienated because of our new rules.

You can PM me if you need help with images if you're a phone user in anything, battles, wiki, etc.

Thank you.

Main Issues

  • Cannot upload images
  • Cannot reply at users
  • Cannot use Text Editor
  • Cannot quote users

List of Phone Users

  • Taichokage

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Online Now
Yes I share all of those issues. Although I can edit lists when I use google chrome, everything else acts the same. Oh! Also the follow function does not work for me. That is why it took me forever to follow some people.
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I can some times upload pictures. Everything else isn't a problem. I do got one problem though is that I can't type on a phone that doesn't have a keyboard as I can't get the keyboard to come up. Though on the old phone I use with wifi that has a keyboard on it has no problems with the keyboard.

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Thanks for commenting. Hmm, that's interesting. Most folks couldn't upload images.

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@takashichea: its sometimes it works. it may have something to do with me being on wifi and doing it. I mean I can post pictures I have on my phone and on the site but from another website I can't. Any idea about the keypad thing cause I just got a new phone and carrying around multiple phones is annoying since I get on the site to do stuff in wifi areas anyway.

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My phone doesn't do the keypad thing. I'm sorry. I don't know. For my phone, it has a numerical pad as you seen in the OP.

Ask @taichokage: if his phone has a keypad.

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@takashichea: okay I have a touchscreen phone so yeah and I have a old htc phone I use for the site that hads a keypad.

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I decided to make this thread considering there are lots of users in here who complain that there aren't as many options in the ipad version of CV as the PC version. So I made this thread to fix that and tell you how to make CV in your mobile exactly the same as the PC version!

  1. Download Google Chrome from your respective app store.
  2. Open the app and go to [animevice]
  3. Log in your [AV] account
  4. Press the button on the top right and tap "Request Desktop version"
  5. Ta da! Now you can post pics/gifs, use pretty much all the stuff on the pc version and use it on your phone.

And huge thanks to @human_rocket for making a comment about this in another thread and showing me this trick. This thread couldn't be possible without you. :D

PS: I'm not sure if there is a thread like this already so I apologize if there is.

PS: I also apologize if the topic's title is grammatically incorrect, had to shorten the title to post this.

Source: How to get rid of AV mobile handicaps.

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It looks like those are all the same problems I worked around back at Comic Vine, except the no reply deal. Everything else I can handle, but... Whoo... Time to start spending a lot more time with my laptop!
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Hope that works out. That solution was posted from Comic Vine.

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