I'm Not Following the People I Followed

Topic started by UsachanMaN on March 13, 2012. Last post by UsachanMaN 3 years ago.
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I've noticed that recently I've been following users, but for some reason, when I click their profiles, it still says that I'm not following them. When I click the request to follow them again, they show up under "following users", but their number of followers doesn't change.

At first I thought I just forgot to follow them, but it happened more than once, and this time I'm sure that there is some kind of glitch.

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Sometimes, it happens to me but not the # of followers glitch issue. Is the glitch still there for you?

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@takashichea: Well once I follow the people I follow again, then it goes back to normal. I'm not facing the glitch anymore since I already added the users again.

I'll give you an example of what happens since its kinda hard to explain. Lets say two weeks ago, I began following you and now you have 102 followers; but then today I check the upper right hand link to show me the users that I'm following who are currently online, and you dont show up on my list. I'd then click your profile and see that you still have your 102 followers (which I'm one of) except, it says "Follow this user?". So I'd click it and start following you again, and you would show up on my following users online list, but your number of followers still remain at 102. Also, when I follow you the second time, I dont get the notice on my profile that would say "UsachanMan is now following Takashichea". Hope that made sense XD

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