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Topic started by Flyvapnet on March 7, 2009. Last post by Flyvapnet 6 years ago.
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I wrote a new topic for the message board and added a poll.  When I clicked "Submit," I was told I needed a question and at least two answers.  I was staring at a question and four answers!  I tried backing up, to cancel the malfunctioning poll and simply post my new topic, but nothing was there.  My post had simply vanished!

Another thing:  I've tried making separate albums in my Gallery, but the tick-box  which supposedly enables that function doesn't work.  What's the deal there?

I dislike seeing my work vanish into thin air, even as I dislike encountering simple functions which turn out to be locked.  Is this Web site just one big video game?
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The function to make gallery`s doesnt work on some browsers try another like Fire Fox that`s all i can help you with i`ve never encounterd any other problems you have.
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What browser are you using and what version? I've made separate albums in my gallery just fine with the tick-box option using Firefox. Never made a poll so I can't help you there.
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Yeah fire fox seems fine and Safrai, I had some trouble with IE when i used it.
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Thanks, folks, for your input!  My local machine is a Toshiba Tecra S1 Notebook.  My operating system is Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.  I'm using Mozilla Firefox Version 3.0.7; but I'll go try Windows Internet Explorer 8 Version 8.0.6001.18372 and see what happens.  Wish me luck!
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Going from Firefox to Explorer (any version) will not be helpful, I'm afraid, as this site works best with FF and Safari.

Anyway, about the checkbox you are talking about, you don't click on it to enable the function, you just click on the textbox to the right of it and begin writing the name of the new gallery you want. After you've written in it (and click somewhere else, even the Save button) the checkbox is auto-checked for you. I just tried it to see if the feature got broken for some mysterious reason... and it worked just fine. (I'm using the same browser as you, except under Vista). (This method of creating galleries will be gone when the redesign hits here...)

Also, this site (and GiantBomb / ComicVine) is in constant motion in terms of new features /  bugs / bug fixes. These days the dudes are a bit busy with the redesign that just hit GB and will hit here in the near future, but most bugs will be fixed (but even Ethan says that the stuck 1 message notice may never be fixed...). ^_^

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Thanks a bunch, jlrm01, for your help!  I'd tried both Internet Explorer and Safari, to no avail; but I didn't realize there was a text box near that tick-box!  Black backgrounds are so helpful.

I'm off to give it a try!  Thanks again.  I really appreciate your riding to my rescue.

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good luck :)
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Thanks, Devilly!  Well, it worked.  jlrm01 provided the key bit of information:  the (somewhat hidden) text box.  Ta da!  I love happy endings.
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