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Topic started by ethan on Nov. 10, 2008. Last post by Obsidian609 5 years, 1 month ago.
Post by ethan (887 posts) See mini bio Level 15
Please create a post and start a numbered list of bugs that need to be fixed (Just edit your post as your find more bugs, instead of creating tons of posts).  I'll fix the bugs and then start a list of fixed bugs in this post.
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1> Not really a bug but the WHITE version still isn't showing things.  Under Recurring Appearances, locations, concepts and objects tabs can't be seen.

2> I added an image at the end of the text on this page and in the black version, you can see it falls outside the text box.  I'd assume a ton more info will be added by users.

3> On the new release page, clicking a dvd takes you to the series page rather than the dvd info page.

4>  Not really a bug but the new release page should show the series title along with dvd/book title.  For example, Naruto #29, the title is just "Volume 29."  It would seem redundant to title it Naruto - Naruto Volume 29.

5> Movie pages show all images on the main page.

6> On the companies page, the top tabs don't work:

7> Concept pages are listed as Objects at the top of their wiki page.

8> When creating a new page, the default image added during creation doesn't show up in the image gallery.  It can't be placed in one or deleted.

9> New series aren't showing an image on the browse page. 
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Not so much a bug as a request, this, but-- can there be a duplicate of the "Publisher" entry on series pages, for "NA Licensor" or "English Licensor"?

Will it be possible to favorite a particular thread (like, say, this one), instead of only favoriting certain forums? Also, is there a way to browse the forums as a whole (i.e. boards that don't necessarily appear in the main boards/popular boards that you don't have favorited? If I want to, for example, just see what everyone's doing in general.)

Here's an actual bug-bug: on the news page, up at the top by the headline it says "1 comment" for each news entry, even if there are no comments. The buttons below the entries appear to be correct, though.

There's no place to attach a publisher to movies.

Is there any way that we can default all of the current episodes to season 1, unless otherwise specified? Get rid of all these "? - 01" type things?

Here's a weird one...I'm on this page: and I click Images, and it takes me to the *franchise* images, not the series. Couldn't replicate the problem on another series page, though...

On the Anime Series main page, can we make either Alphabetical or Recent Edits the default view? Most Appearances basically becomes Most Episodes and that's really not very helpful, considering that some of the most popular series are only a few episodes. :)

On this page: Clicked on "company" (the one in the line "Nippon TV is a company") and it took me to which 404d, should be "companies." (I was also informed that some of our "companies" links actually say "companys," if someone would like to fix that.)

Am on a series page ( to be specific) and I just noticed that the genres and themes all just link back to the same series page. Is that what they're supposed to do?

I keep trying to add my e-mail address to my profile, but it never stays after I save. I was able to add it in at the site backend and it worked fine.

I noticed that on the summary of my news posts that appears on my activity feed, it shows the image caption in the text-- might be better not to have it.

Is there a 'mark all as read' button for the forums? Also, I frequently find that I come back to the forums and see subject lines as bold (i.e. unread, I assume) even though I'm the last person who wrote in them...

Can we have aliases on concepts?

Noticed a bug on episodes...the line at the top to edit season/episode number and the like isn't editable anymore? So if I accidentally say something is episode #54 when it's actually #55, I can update that it's #55 in order, but I can't fix it to say it's episode #55. Except in the backend, of course.

Default galleries for characters should probably be Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Merchandise, and Other. ("Concept Art" is kind of weird.)

A teeny-weeny request: on the Staff Tools news page, could we get a link to Add News?

REAL honest to god bug: some friends aren't showing up for me in my "Entire Network" even though their stuff shows up in my friends feed, specifically Zeouterlimits. Another friend of mine mentioned having the same problem.

The news page "Headlines" version shows 0 comments for all posts, regardless of whether there are actually comments.
Post by Niko (865 posts) See mini bio Level 8
My profile and image pages show Internal Server Errors.

EDIT: not really a site bug, but the AnimeVice twitter always links me to the dev site instead of the live site.
Post by darkcyder (142 posts) See mini bio Level 8
(Not necesarrily a bug per-say) Umm, in the Dragon Ball franchise section Dragon Ball Z: Plan to destroy the Saiyajin is listed as an Anime Series when it was just an OVA. Plain olde Dragon Ball Z though, is not listed.
Nevermind on that, I finally figured out how to edit it.

Also yes, I was going to say that Niko's profile is some horrific Server Error ^_^

In the White version of the site when you are adding images the tabs at the top of the pop-up window are white on a white background.
Post by Kuro (559 posts) See mini bio Level 6
When I click on "Entire Network" in "Friend Network", not nearly all my "Friends" show. Yeah.
Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
I'm not able to upload pictures. The window will pop up, but all I get is the notice telling me how to upload multiple pictures. It's probably just me doing something wrong, but who knows...
Post by Axersia (228 posts) See mini bio Level 11
After uploading some gifs I'm now unable to access my profile page (500 error) nor browse through my image gallery when trying to attach images to a page.

Help please!
Post by ethan (887 posts) See mini bio Level 15
Axersia said:
"After uploading some gifs I'm now unable to access my profile page (500 error) nor browse through my image gallery when trying to attach images to a page.

Help please!"
Uploading GIFs kills our dev server right now. This wont be an issue once we go live. For now,  I'll just delete any images with "gif" as an extension and then your profile will work again. 

Post by Obi_Wan_Kenobi (47 posts) See mini bio Level 3
when Itry to upload images it gives me a 500 error message
Post by Obi_Wan_Kenobi (47 posts) See mini bio Level 3
n/m, i guess it was cause i was uploading a gif too
Post by Obi_Wan_Kenobi (47 posts) See mini bio Level 3
umm...I can't add relationships on character, friends, enemies, and all that
Post by IcyStorm (9 posts) See mini bio Level 1
Can't edit the recurring appearances part of anime pages.

Not sure if it's a bug or not, but character page edits won't save: <- video of it

Not a bug. White theme -> can't read text here (have to highlight :

Will add more later, but got a long night of homework later. Great site though :
Post by Obi_Wan_Kenobi (47 posts) See mini bio Level 3
another thing, I can't change a character's main pic...
Post by Axersia (228 posts) See mini bio Level 11
@ Obi_Wan_Kenobi
Dude, you don't need to make a new post for every bug you find. Also, you can't change a character's main pic until you hit 5000 points.

Anyway, looks like this site is suffering from the friend request bug now too.

I sent Jeff a friend request and he accepted it but he won't appear in my friendslist (I am listed in his, though).
Post by Obi_Wan_Kenobi (47 posts) See mini bio Level 3
ok, thanks
Post by Triton (156 posts) See mini bio Level 2
Did anyone else's profile just get eaten? lol
Post by Knil (18 posts) See mini bio Level 2
For some reason, the review I just posted shows that I gave the episode 4 stars when I really gave it 2.

Also, this is a minor bug, but on my profile, it tells me that it's displaying "10 of 23" of my reviews when I've only made one total (so far ;) ).
Post by KamasamaK (7 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Unable to add a similar series. After clicking the Saves Changes button, the Please Wait A Moment splash pops up momentarily and then just disappears with everything still in edit mode. Even worse, it appears that even after the similar anime is removed it will still fail, so the edits must be started all over again without touching that part.
Post by RedRoses (1,437 posts) See mini bio Level 14
When I start changing what episodes characters meet other characters in the friends/enemies list, sometimes you can only edit one and then when you are about to do another character, the search for the episode does not function.

For example, I go to Simon (Gurren Lagann)'s page and edit the friends list and editing which episodes they first interact with. I do Kamina for episode one and then I go to another character in the list, let's say Rossiu. I click the episode selecter thing and put "gurren lagann" and it does not go through.
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