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Topic started by Whiskeyjack on July 11, 2010. Last post by FoxxFireArt 4 years, 8 months ago.
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Page: Various, and explained below, but one would be here
Originally posted this in the incorrect forum yesterday, somehow had a blind spot on my screen and didn't see the Bug Reporting Forum, sorry. This problem has come to my attention with the beginning of the Summer 2010 anime season and a few of the shows that I'm trying to help add and keep up to date. When I've added a new episode to an existing series and supplied an image for the episode in the "Add an Episode" window on the Episodes page of a given series.. the default image for the entire series is set to the episode's default image. This doesn't seem to be a feature that's working as intended. I've been re-setting the default images on the series I've been poking at, but you can see the problem in other series like One Piece, Strike Witches Second Stage, K-On!! etc. The problem is very visible on the " New Anime" page where there are two images for every episode entry, one of the series, and one of the episode.. and in many cases it's the same image. 

On a similar note I've been going through A Certain Magical Index and trying to fill in the gaps in the cast and adding at least a default image to every episode, and intermittently (or maybe every time, I haven't always checked), the default image is re-set to an image associated with Episode 24, and I know before I started this line of editing, it wasn't set to that. 
*edit - fixed links that didn't carry over when I copy-pasted from the previous forum post.
*edit the 2nd - huh. Well this issue has been mentioned before in the Wiki Main Image Rule post by sickVisionz., with acknowledgment from Ethan about fixing this.. a month ago. Oh well.
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1. What browser are you using?

Firefox 3

2. What Operating System are you using?

Windows VISTA

3. What is the exact link to the page you are having a problem with?

This problem is happening on various pages, and most likely effects many other overview profiles of animes. These are pages I've personally experienced this problem on.

4. Details, details, details. Explain it in details

Okay, so bare with me on this. You want details for this segment. Oh, I'm going to give it to you.
This is an issue I have been having for a while now. It's been happening as I have been adding images to anime series. Everything time I try adding a picture to an individual episode of the listed series. For some reason, that effects the default profile image for the whole series.
An Example:
After I added the pictures to One Piece Episode #459. The default image for the episode profile is HERE. The default image for the series overview page has always been THIS ONE since I joined the site. For whatever reason, after I added THIS image. It causes the default image for the overview of the entire series to change to the default image for Episode #459. This continues repeatedly after every time I add a new

Normally, it would just be a simple matter to go into the Images gallery and just reset the default image to the appropriate picture, right? Well, I do that, but a day or two later. The series overview image will revert independently to the default image of the most recently picture added to the episodes. Basically, THIS picture will change it self into THIS picture. No matter how many times I manually set the default image to the appropriate one.
This has happened on all the listed profiles above that I linked, and probably others.
Feel free to ask if this explanation requires more clarification. It's not as if this is a terrible bug. It's just kind of annoying. 
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Update July 28th 2010

I found the variable that causes the change on the main overview of these anime profiles.
As I started before. After I add an image to the most up to date episode. That image seems to take over the main page for the whole series. I can go into the main Images section the series and return the image to it's proper picture.
The problem as been in that the main over view profile image would seem to switch page to the most recent episode picture. I think I found part of the cause of this issue.  This is happening on various profile pages for animes. I will use One Piece as an example.
The main picture for the One Piece series is THIS picture  (Pic Main)
The most recent episode picture, as of this post, is THIS picture. (Pic Recent)
Before, I was never sure what was causing Pic Main to change into Pic Recent. No matter how many times I would switch the main picture manually. I now know what is triggering this switch. After I have set the Pic Main to it's proper default position. If I edit anything on any episode of One Piece. That seems to trigger Pic Recent to place itself on the main page.
Hope this explanation helps.
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