Cannot add ANY images

Topic started by Bigheart711 on Sept. 2, 2011. Last post by EganTheVile1 3 years, 5 months ago.
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System: Windows XP

Browsers: Firefox 6 and Google Chrome

The Problem at hand

I tried to upload an image of an pop music artist in a related thread when suddenly, it stops at the loading part. (It was a good costume too! D: ) I also tried to upload some other images suitable to be main images for some characters, but absolutely no luck.
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I am also running into this problem with Windows 7, using both Firefox and Chrome.

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This annoys me as hell! I hope some one fixes this soon!

firefox 3.6.2 windows 7

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Having the same problem.
Windows XP and Windows 7
Firefox 6 and Chrome
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I have the problem with Firefox 5 even with all scripts allowed but not with Chrome (latest build) in Win XP. 
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Having this problem.
Mac OSX 10 Firefox 6 and Safari
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Running firefox 3.6 and same issue. It somehow managed to eat the opening paragraph of my blog post 3 times so far as the screen just freezes on the upload screen and a refresh is needed to reset things.

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Same Problem as well but I am able to upload pictures one at a time by pushing the upload button again while the loading bar is shown.
Firefox 6
Windows 7
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already previous thread about this. But I think I just found a way to bypass the bug. 
I selected an image to upload. The loading screen showed up and the progress remains at 0%. I click refresh on the browser and my image was uploaded. I have not tried this with multiple images, since I'm not on my main computer, but I will try uploading 35 images at a time later this afternoon or evening and report back.
This is similar to what I did to bypass the bug of not being able to attach images to an episode page. (Original bug report thread, here.)
Edit: I just tried it with even 4 images, and it doesn't work. I guess only 1 picture at a time. If anyone has any success please let everyone know! It seems that sometimes this method works, sometimes it doesn't so I'm going back to just waiting for this to get fixed.
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I have figured out a workaround for this, it's no fun but it does work

The glitch seems to be that it takes 4 tries, and do not bother uploading an image to anything aside your own image gallery.

First try you will likely load up to 10%

Second try you may load 100% but the image will not show up

Third try (leave your image gallery and then come back) you will load 0%

Fourth try you will finally upload the image.

Annoying yes, but if you really want to upload an image it does work, you can then proceed to add it to the page you want VIA my images.

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