Cannot add any DVDs through Amazon

Topic started by Bigheart711 on Dec. 2, 2011. Last post by Daniel_Newton 2 years, 7 months ago.
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System: Windows XP
Browsers: Firefox and Chrome
Pages Concerned: The DVD Sections of Anime shows and Movies

The Problem at Hand

I noticed that the anime shows and movies have a DVD section just like Screened does, but unfortunately, the search engine that uses's links doesn't work at all on either browser, which means that I cannot add DVDs to the database on neither here nor Screened. Anyone else having the same problem too?

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Glitch in adding DVDs
Glitch in adding DVDs

I have the same problem. A while ago, I posted on a thread that had a similar topic to yours. It was with the search engine timing out.

Both Windows XP and Vista are failing to do it. I tried Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, and Google Chrome. I have to PM to staff because this issue has not been resolved for a long time.

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I am having this same problem. I am on Windows 7 and have tried it on Fire Fox, IE, Safari & Google Chrome. Wish they would fix this.

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I was looking to add a slew of DVDs to various wiki pages but I keep getting this same error.

Any news on if it's being fixed?

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Seeing how AnimeVice does not have any staff members anymore (outside of Tom, I believe), I do not think will be resolved soon unless the new owners (BermanBraun?) properly staff the site.

Anyway, just endure with this issue until AV gets new staff.

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@ShadowKnight508: That's not entirely true. The majority of the Whiskey Media engineers went to BermanBraun, Andy included, but I imagine they must be pretty busy building other sites and such for the time being.

@TheRealJpoe: For now, you can add blu-ray and DVD covers to franchise pages. Make a gallery called "BD/DVD Covers" and put them in there. You can write about them on the franchise page under a merchandise header like on this page.

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