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Topic started by Count_Zero on Oct. 2, 2010. Last post by gpbmike 4 years, 3 months ago.
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And I don't mean in the Nanoha Starlight Breaker sense. (*Rimshot*) 
So, I went to the profile page of Minipato, because I wanted to follow him on the site, as he seems like a knowledgeable and intelligent kinda guy. I hit "Follow this person" and nothing happens. I double click on "Follow this person" and... the text is highlighted. Apparently the link isn't working. However, I was able to follow WarlordPayne, who was followed by 2 people at the time. Acting on the hypothesis that the bug is somehow related to people who aren't being followed by anyone, I tested it by finding someone else followed by no-one (loveandbeer), and didn't have any problems following him. 
Is this problem specific to Minipato or is there something else odd going on in the back end? 
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@Count_Zero: Hey, there's a javascript bug related to one of Minipato's completed quests that shows up in the activity on the main profile page. The bug will be fixed after the next deploy. :D
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