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Topic started by FoxxFireArt on Jan. 5, 2011. Last post by ZombiePie 4 years, 1 month ago.
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1. What browser are you using?

Firefox 3.6

2. What Operating System are you using?

Windows VISTA

3. What is the exact link to the page you are having a problem with?

4. Details, details, details. Explain it in details

Summer Wars
One the Summer Wars movie page, and I assume on every other anime movie page, I have noticed a weird bug. If you look down to the bottom right section for Associations (Objects/Concepts/Locations). I can't seem to edit any of the Object associations. The option will never open. You have to double click just to open the Concept and Location associations. While those I can seem to edit. Oddly enough, the Cell Phone profile from the Objects always appears at the top of the list. No matter if I'm on Concepts or Locations.
Another problem I'm having on Summer Wars movie page. I went through and gave some really detailed credits for the movie. I'm talking directors, producers, music, and other voice actors that are credited but not attached to a character (background characters ect). The weird thing is that if you go to those people's profile page. There is no credit to Summer Wars. Even the director of the movie, Mamoru Hosoda, profile page shows no credit to Summer Wars. The goes doe everyone in the Credits section.
I believe this could be an issue on all the anime movie pages and not just Summer Wars. The same thing is happening over on the One Piece Strong World movie page.
That link is to a superficial bug I noticed a long time ago that could be a quick fix. Just see the link for full details.
Manga Franchise linking
While I can add mangas to the wiki. There is no where to link them to a franchise where it's applicable. We can only link animes and movies to franchises.
Included in this problem is no way to add aliases for manga. So, if we must change series to the US publication names. In cases where series names are changed, that just increases the risk of duplicates if someone is typing in the Japanese series name.
It could be great to add associations to the original Japanese publishers and the U.S. publishers for manga. Otherwise, why have company pages for US publishers if they have nothing to link them to. It could also be nice to have an official section to link for the official US release date as well as the original Japanese release date. The same way the anime movies have both.
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@FoxxFireArt: Yeah sorry but the same code 303 or whatever keeps appearing on my laptop everytime I make a topic. It's ridiculous and I'm starting to become piss of it, can you solve the problem? Cause seriously, It continues to do it to me and I've like waited two hours for the damn bug to get the f*ck off my screen. Sorry for the language, I'm just real impatient and angry.
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@SolarRay:  Only staff can fix these things. The engineers only work on workdays so just describe your problem and the engineers will see if they can get to it by Monday.
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