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Topic started by Black_Rose on Feb. 19, 2009. Last post by ethan 6 years ago.
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If you all hadn't noticed yet, there is a "feature" which leaves blog posts and articles that are published to the forums virtually pinned to the top until they get a reply.  You won't see this in the newest topics feed - you need to go into the individual main forums like Off Topic or General to see this.  Take a look at this:

You'll see that the feature/bug leaves blog posts published to forums pinned at the top of the list of topics until they get at least one reply.  Please help keep the forums clutter-free by posting replies to these blogs when you see them, at least until it's fixed.  In theory this is a nice idea to ensure that blogs get exposure, but when there are 15+ five day old blog posts in General discussion pinned to the top of the board, that constitutes a problem. 


PS: Thanks BoG.
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I did notice that, but I wrote it off as my internet or computer being stupid and not refreshing or something along those lines.
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Fixed by Coonce
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Ok gonna lock. Fixed.
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