"%26nbsp%3B" code inserts itself into my text when editing a list

Topic started by PenguinDust on April 11, 2011. Last post by gpbmike 3 years, 10 months ago.
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I am using Windows XP SP2 (still).  And my browser of choice is Google Chrome (10.0.648.204)

When I edit a list, the top section that describes the list is suddenly filled with the code "%26nbsp%3B" throughout my text.  It looks rather random since it appears between sentences and in the middle of sentences although not in the middle of words.  When I go through and delete each one, I can usually get them not to reinsert themselves after I resave, but it sometimes takes more than one attempt.  Below is an uncorrected example of what I mean from this list.

This is going to be a repository for all the other I've watched and enjoyed, but didn't impress me quite enough to make my list of personal favorites. %26nbsp%3BThat list will continue to grow, I'm sure but for those "also-rans", there is this collection. %26nbsp%3BAlso, this catalog will not contain any romantic comedies or harem shows since those are already being tracked in a separate specific list. %26nbsp%3B I expect the majority of the titles to be action-adventure but there will likely be a few straight comedies and slice-of-life shows in here, too.%26nbsp%3B%26nbsp%3B

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@PenguinDust: I just fixed this and the fix should be live. Unfortunately it's not retroactive so it won't go back and fix the bad encoding. You'll have to go through and clean it up. :(
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