Gin vs Aizen (Maybe a...)

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Many have been predicting it. Gin has been a intresting charater through out the Bleach storyline. Everybody has been wondering what is going through Gin's head. We also don't know the connections between Gin and Aizen. It is no doubt now that they are going to fight, but..
 A sense of discomfort between the two
 A sense of discomfort between the two
After all the other 2 top anime already have theirs, but Bleach must be preparing for one too.
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I hope to god they throw down, but Bleach has been constantly dissapointing me so im not getting my hopes up
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Bleach already had a flashback in the Turning Back the Pendulum arc. 
Although a fight might be cool to see, I kinda hope they don't end up fighting.  I don't really care for Gin outside of him having that super laid back and possibly country accent and that he was a psycho kid, but I like him and Aizen just being a duo of evil people who are bad to the core.  If they fight it'll be over a disagreement that's probably about something being too mean spirited. 
Plus, I think Gin is in it for the long haul.  He and Aizen have been cool with each other ever since Gin first entered the Gotei 13 when he was a little kid.
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