Bleach has some of the best filler i've ever seen

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seriously anyone skipping out on the current arc is missing out, the animators are not holding back on this one
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If anybody was wondering why Shunsui and Ukitake or even Yamamoto for that matter aren't going Bankai even when they are about to get killed, it's because the scriptwriters are limited to using only those moves and techs which Kubo has revealed till date.
However, they messed up in one place. Soifon definitely can't do as she please with her Bankai. The recoil is supposed to kill her unless precautions are taken but she just used it so comfortably in this arc- it was COOL!
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This arc has been insanium. I like it more than canon. Usually fillers come off like the animation staff is taking a break to relax and cut back the man hours so they can go full out for whatever big canon fight is coming (even then the canon fights rarely delivered for me). This arc seems like someone at Pierrot found a pile of money for the money animators but it was mandated that they blow it completely during the months of May-July or they'd lose it forever.

But yeah, I like Bleach filler. It's either super action packed or super super silly and funny. Plus they deliver stuff like this:

Shounen anime has major issues in storytelling but you don't get stuff like this anywhere else and I love it for it.

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