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Well, color me surprised for how an absurd, over-the-top farce like this actually manages to have such three-dimensional character studies. Really, really wasn’t expecting that from BINBOGAMI-GA when I went into the first episode. Not at all.

First, there’s the matter of how Ichiko kind of keeps forgetting these lessons in humility at the onset of each episode - - or, more specifically, how she's very slowly seeing all the areas of her life which that humility should apply to. There’s that whole “chicken or egg” question about whether anybody can truly make drastic changes in their life for the better. Like, if they have the capacity for self-improvement, then they would’ve already been on that upward path in one way or another, you know? More often, people will reach enlightenment, but then compartmentalize the revelation such that they only apply their improved attitude to just one aspect of life.

(In this case, Ichiko’s learnt to be nice to her crush and his family, sure, but not to extend that sympathy to her tomboyish friend).

Following that, of course, is this rather startlingly observant flashback explaining how one betrayal in Ichiko’s early days made her leery of ever trying to make friends again. Again, this is something I’ve seen play out a few times in the real world, and it’s almost disquieting for how much more resonant and applicable it is than the sort of trite platitudes you expect from “life lessons” in a half-hour sitcom. Shit, it even got me thinking of some still-tender bad experiences from my own middle school days...

Needless to say… this is all thoroughly unexpected for a show whose a central gag hinges on the two leads’ bust sizes. I suppose it says all you need to say about BINBOGAMI-GA that I’ve gone on two serious tangents here without even once talking about any gags.

Watch this episode, "Call Me By My Name” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”

Mel Brooks

An that is the rub with parody to. With out any depth it will feel fake an not a homage to what it parodies .Thus We have some depth of character... an we had a episode where a guy fell into the sewer.I'm just glad this parody is not a tragedy of comic proportions .

So far this show has had no cut on its finger.An yes i would put it up their with

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I felt they did the story for these events better in the manga with the flashbacks. The flashbacks in the episode occurred at awkward moments. Yet, the anime had a more serious tone than its counterpart. Besides that weird placement, it was a good episode. Ichiko finally open up and made a friend with Rindou.

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Really enjoyed this episode. Anyone who paid any attention to the opening sequence should have figured Ichiko had some sort of darkness in her past, and it explains a lot about her. Who thought an episode of Binbogami ga! would be able to resonate with viewers the way this one can?

Even in a comedy, a little extra depth (and in this case, a little darkness) can go a long way to flesh out a character. We can now feel sympathy towards Ichiko that we couldn't before, and finally letting Rindou get close to her shows some proper character development.

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