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Before I get down to business - - was anybody else seeing a light MATRIX RELOADED tribute during the highway chase? The staging of it all, with our friends hopping onto high-speed cars and dueling atop trucks, got me half-expecting somebody to start monologing about purpose. I’d like to think that crew behind this show has a refined taste as I do when it comes to underrated, nine-year-old blockbusters...

As I alluded to last time, watching a show like this without knowing how long it’s actually going to be ahead of time adds a different level of tension to the normal viewing experience. Even as this finale ties all the threads together in a resolute way, it still feels kind of abrupt because I’m so used to there always just being more of any given anime show.

While I’ll crow about how refreshing SAMURAI 7 is for its straightforward plotting, you’ve got the other edge of the sword right here, because BINBOGAMI-GA has been so fun for how thoroughly unpredictable it is. Most times when you’re watching a show, you’ll get to the end of an episode and say, “Gee, I wonder what happens next?"

With this show, the question was “Sheesh - - what could they possibly do next?

In the broad view, I suppose this did wind up being the Dickensian morality tale it seemed to be parodying and embodying from the beginning. Ichiko learns to be more considerate of others (or, maybe more accurately, that lesson just sticks this time); Momiji learns that balancing the universe doesn’t lie in tearing somebody’s good fortune down, but in encouraging them to share it with others; and the two ladies both realize that they really are friends, after all. Simple as that, right?

Yeah, maybe I could’ve called all of that if I was really thinking hard earlier on. But I really couldn’t have predicted that the arc of this show would center, essentially, on Scoorge and one of the Ghosts of Christmas turning into incessantly arguing buddies. Or that we would’ve assembled this utterly supporting cast of characters out of all these surreal, seemingly one-off capers. Or that all this absurdity would be wrapped up in some surprisingly observant messages about being honest with one's self, and so on.

I'm out of space to offer my comprehensive thoughts on the series, here. I'll have to save it for a Vice Pit episode, perhaps. That seems appropriate, at least. Even though this series is done, and even though it doesn't have the highest of high concepts, I get the feeling that there are more stories to tell with these characters someday.

Oh, and much thanks to takashichea for providing the promo image for today’s episode.

Watch this episode, "You Already Have the Answer to That" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Please abuse me!
Please abuse me!

It was an intense 13 weeks of watching this show and working on it. It wouldn't be the same if Momiji was all goody two shoes. I love how she and Ichiko always bicker, but they won't admit that they need each other.

Rindou and Momou's scene was hilarious since Momou begs Rindou to abuse him, so he can transform from a puppy to a human.

A Ninja Babe?
A Ninja Babe?

Darn, the anime ended just before it introduces a new character.

There was several scenes after the credits that left so many questions.

Good news

The anime wiki project is complete! All we need to do is work on the character pages.

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but but it says their just starting with those two at the end.If this does not get a second season just happy to have what we got.Goof times .Err good times even.

Shows like this you ruin if you think to hard about where its going.Ya kinda knew it had a soft touch here .But its like a roller coaster ride ya know where its going.So its just about the ride.Few comedy/parody anime i would buy on dvd this makes that short list.

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