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Well, then… the show started taking its whole morality play a bit more seriously this time.

I won’t lie, it felt like a drag initially. After a thought or two, though, you can’t really pretend that this show could’ve just kept dancing around its premise and ridiculing itself for an entire series. You know, it’s like those times you say, “Ahhhh man, why couldn’t this have just been all action, all the time?” If you’ve ever seen a show where that particular wish is granted, you’ll know pretty well how you need those less-than-exciting “in-between” scenes to avoid a “battle fatigue” that’s just as boring.

The same holds true with comedy, I reckon. Swap punches out for punch lines, and it’s the same idea.

For the record, Sakura acts like one of the most odious jerks I’ve run into on screen in a long time. Like, the kind of pompous “Uh-huh” that nearly compels you to just stand up, leave the room, close the door and immediately cut off all contact. Of course, that’s precisely the effect they were going for, so they did their job, for sure.

I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be an implication here that the Good Luck force or whatever is perhaps controlling her at these less-than-desirable moments, or if we were always supposed to just read this in to her declarations in the first episode about there not being any skeletons in her closet. Either way, when the going gets tough at the end, Sakura doesn’t hesitate about getting dirty to save her broke suitor’s poor little brother - - and that, of course, echoes what she did for her butler at the beginning.

Here I am, feeling pretty lame for reading into a farce like this, but trying to identify the set-up for this show’s almost like a game to me. Now that the set-ups in place, I bet every episode’s going to have her personality flaws getting her into trouble and her inner good subsequently getting her out of the trouble at the last minute.

Go on and see if I’m wrong. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with every simulcast episode of this show from here on out, but I couldn’t resist checking out what was presentable available. This is hilarious show. It probably isn’t the best show to recommend to the anime neophytes in your life, but it's an absolute hoot for the more experienced Otaku.

Watch this episode, "Taking Orders From You Kinda Ticks Me Off!!! What Do You Mean ‘Kinda’?!?!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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For the next episode, it's a different story due to a new character, but the pattern restarts later in the story.

I liked this episode because it shows that money doesn't always get what you want.

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It's the nonstop pattern of just fight-fight-fight in comics that really turned me off. Every year, one comic event does nothing more than lead into the next "big event that will change everything". To make matters worse, they promote the next events before the current one is even completed. They never allow a reader to decompress. The same can go for comedy. You become numb to it all. It's one of the reasons why I enjoy ONE PIECE so much. It has some great action, but sometimes you have to wait to get to it.

I really enjoyed what this episode had to say. It sure isn't concerned that this series is trying to main the lead as a universally sympathetic character. She's self serving, arrogant, but there's also a moral line that even she wont cross. It makes Sakura much more appealing. I found the whole "Tiny Tim"-esque scene of him disappearing from the table of his family especially touching.

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