Weekly Beelzebub Report: Ep. 50 - Freaky Friday

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Welcome to the Beelzebub report! I couldn't fit the whole episode title "Today I'm Different on the Inside." We'll stick with the movie reference for now. For those who don't know my teammates, they are Arrussel, Sreenivas, Annabanana, and ShadowKnight508. Let's discuss this episode today. With the various anime reports, I have to state this fact, Beelzebub is available on Crunchyroll, a legal streaming website. Beelzebub 50 is available for everyone on January 21, 2012.


Ep. 50: Today I'm Different on the Inside - "Kyō wa nakami ga chigaimasu" (今日は中身が違います)

After an exciting battle between Oga and Behemoth's men ends with a victory and Furuichi's reputation shattered, Oga and the gang have another bizarre day. The aftereffects of Super Milk Time has caused Oga and Beel to switch bodies, will Beel (Oga) get his body back with his reputation intact?


Beware of Spoilers!


Best Awkward Moment
Best Awkward Moment
  • Hilda and Aoi have an awesome fight which makes their first encounter look bad. It makes me want more.
  • Another Caught in a Lewd Position scene: I loved this one as much as Lamia and Furuichi's scene. Poor Hilda.
  • Aoi's super blush moments shine in this episode.


There's not much bad things, but I wish Aoi and Hilda had more fight time to settle the question whether Hilda or Aoi is stronger.


  • Despite how Furuichi is interpreted as a weak person, he makes some good observations in Hilda and Aoi's fight.
  • Oga and Beel finds Hilda dancing to the kid show where they repeat "pudding" multiple times.
  • Strange, the pudding song is pretty catchy.

This episode is funny, but it needs some actions such as more Hilda vs Aoi scenes.


Thank you guys for reading my team's report. I thank my team for working hard to support the community. Check out the community spotlight and the winter anime reports, too!

Wiki Work Last Week

  • Hilda, Hecados, and Naga's story arcs and anime/manga differences sections were updated.

For Rave Master's fans, I wrote a Beginner's Guide to Rave Master. I get on the beginner guide for Beelzebub in the summer.

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