Weekly Beelzebub: Ep. 40 - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Assassins

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Welcome to the eighth weekly Beelzebub article! I'm Takashichea, and my teammates are Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, and Sreenivas. We have another user who is not on the team yet, Arussel. Arrussel is doing the weekly Beelzebub manga. If you guys are on the manga track, go and support him. This week's episode, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Assassins, has a lot of action compared to the last episode which is basically a day at the amusement park.

Please check out the image gallery and thank Anna for the lovely images.


While Lord En and his wet nurses spend their time at the arcades, Aoi tries to figure out about demons; Oga and Hilda spend some quality family time with Oga's mother. Toujou and Shizuka remember the old days together. When Oga and Hilda have to get some cooking ingredients, they bump into Aoi and then a new enemy appears and grabs Aoi. His name is Hecados (Hecatos), and he will carry out his order to wipe out Oga and Beel.

Will Oga and Hilda rescue Aoi and what are Toujou and Shizuka doing together? Tune in and watch Beelzebub episode 40!


Beware of spoilers!

New characters


Hecados is the eighth general in Behemoth's 34th Pillar. He is a loyal to Lord En and will carry out his orders with zero hesitation. He's deadly and cunning; his weapon is a wicked spear.


Zenjuro and his adopted kids
Zenjuro and his adopted kids
  • The flashback of Toujou and Shizuka is a great addition to this episode. Viewers know how deep Toujou and Shizuka's friendship with their old teacher, Zenjuro.
  • The scene where Hilda spends time with Oga's mother is sweet and cute. Fan girls will get to see Oga in a pink apron. Ladies, watch out.
  • Oga's answer to Hecados is hilarious. Can't tell you why. Got to make you watch the episode first.
  • For the first time, Hilda and Oga fight together for the first time. Yeah!


*One Note: I have read the episode's manga counterpart after viewing the episode. I'm a strange fellow who keep the manga at the anime's pace. I do noticed a lot of differences with the manga. I'll be brief. Be sure to voice your opinion.

  • One scene that was not needed is the scene where the curtains blow between Aoi and Yuka. What was the point? It felt unneeded and does not go with the flow of the episode.
  • Sadly, Toujou and Kaname's fight is not revealed in both manga and anime, but the episode's used up a lot of its time getting to the Hecados fight.
  • Hit or Miss: Furuichi's role is a comic relief in this story. It depends if you really like it or felt it was an unnecessary scene.


Cooking Time!
Cooking Time!
  • The wind seems to be blowing everything in this episode: the curtains, the fishcake (that reminds me of Naruto), and the strawberry natto.
  • Speaking of strawberry natto, Furuichi has a strange sense of taste. Natto is fermented soybeans and a healthy snack in Japan, yet it has a strong repellant odor.
  • Adding to Oga's family's clueless thinking about Hilda and Baby Beel's demon heritage, Oga's mother seems to be less violent in this episode. Oga's sister took her place. I'm guessing she wants to be a great grandmother and not beat Beel's father, Oga.
  • The scene where Kaname emerges from the shadows behind Aoi is creepy.
  • Hecados is a nice guy who lets Hilda and Oga talk about their strategy.

Overall, this episode has some nice action, hilarious scenes, Hilda and Oga moments, and a great cliffhanger. You really want to find out what happen next! The anime did a good job with adding extra scenes for Toujou's flashback compared to the manga.



Thank you guys for reading my team's weekly report on Beelzebub; I thank my team for doing a great job. On this episode, ShadowKnight508 formatted the page and added characters and such, Anna did the synopsis and full plot with images and Points of Interests, and I did the seiyuu and points under anime and manga differences. Also, Anna added a scene comparison of Hecados stabbing Hilda in manga and anime and added Behemoth 34th Pillar's characters on Nov. 3. Please see our work and our team's vitae list of all the wiki contributions (except episodes and volumes).

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Be cool by making blogs, guides, reviews, comments, and some wiki edits!

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Another great feature on Beelzebub, Takashichea. Sorry that I was not able to contribute more to our team's work on Beelzebub recently (my college homework is finally catching up to me), but you, Anna, and our newest member Arrussel (manga-wise) have done great work.

Beel: Our work is never done!!!
Beel: Our work is never done!!!
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No problem! :)

School and family is always first. I tend to overwork myself. Love the Beelzebub image and caption in your post.

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