Beelzebub episode 57 anime review

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people enjoy drinks
people enjoy drinks

Beelzebub’s run of standalone episodes continues to be appealing as it just lets us enjoy the characters without any heavy issues or overpowering arcs. And considering the size of the cast, there’s some good potential. This episode does the two story split so we get some short term humor, something that has definitely been an advantage for this series since it doesn’t drag a gag into the ground in order to fill out the entire time. Knowing when you’ve got something good to work with but not trying to pad it out is definitely welcome when it comes to comedy based anime series. And it’s sadly rarer than it should be.

Unfortunately, the first part of the episode here deals with Koma-chan, a character that I have a hard time getting behind even with the weird cast of characters that have shown up here. He does have his fun moments since he’s such a pervert and likes to manipulate people, especially when he’s bored, but there’s only so much of him I can handle. He has some fun moments with Aoi that gets pervy but he also spends a good bit of time with the kids, of which Koma fits in pretty well. His attempts to push them into his own designs are definitely fun since he wants to utilize the body switching ability for his own ends, which is essentially to get into Aoi’s body and play with her end. It goes in obvious directions, but it works very well since it lets the kids have some very cute moments.

With the second story, it has a good bit of a Hilda focus as her regular shopping for the family has netted her a prize while out, that of a trip to a hot spring. Winning the lottery is a usual gimmick and it works well with the details involved since it lets the family get a bit of away time. The inn has its own peculiarities to it but the gang just wants to enjoy it and the overall experience, which includes getting Hilda into a yukata. There’s not a lot of big comedy moments to be had here, but it works through a lot of smaller and cuter moments, even throwing in a surprising arrival along the way that wasn’t expecting to go there himself. The enjoyment of hot springs is always a fun part of a lot of anime series and this one is no exception when you get down to it.

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Great job, Sreenivas! It's good to see you, teammate. I haven't been able to watch ep. 56 and 57 yet. I'll comment.

I figured out who should do episode 56's report with the team. If you like, you could do episode 56.

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@takashichea: It is my fault.I was totally busy with my studies for pat few months.I will do episode 56 as well.

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