Zuko vs Kiba

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-time skip Kiba
morals on

fight takes place  on Kyoshi Islands
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Kiba speedblitz
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@mrassh0le said:
" Kiba speedblitz "

How fast are Naruto Characters
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@aqua11500: Obviously a few are lighting speed and hypersonic. Kiba is totally faster than Zuko and has all sorts of omnidirectional and diverse attacks. Zuko won't have a chance.
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Zuko's feats are peak human at most while the weakest of ninja are able to move at least faster than the eye can see. Indeed, Kiba will speedblitz the exiled Fire Nation prince.
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Kiba for the reasons listed above. Not only that, but zuko would have to fight akamaru as well as kiba, essentially making this fight 2 on 1. In addition to that, if they used human beast combination and then used fang wolf fang, the range and sheer power of the attack would completely and utterly overwhelm zuko
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