Zoro vs Priscilla

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@othus12: Not really. You see there was a calc like that very early in the series given the Quick Sword an absurd mach speed so it was thrown out. Later then many feats appeared which supported that which is why it was accepted. You have Riful getting away from Galatea's giant sensing radius in just a second. Alicia and Beth crossing a great part of the island to fight Riful. Miria and crossing great distance while fighting with Hysteria even though they were not moving with a goal but just back and forth and clashing, Clare and the others dodging Destroyer spines (the others did it with Clare's help tho) and ofc Priscilla blitzing Riful over an absurd distance and lastly the first Quick Sword calc which made sense after those feats appeared. All those are very consistent and support each other. And you see in this case they are feats, go distance/time and you get the exact speed, it's something that can be observed, on the other hand OP only has a very inconsistent and out of proportion statement which contradicts the rest of the series and as such can't be accepted till feats don't show up which support any of that.

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Priscila blitz Zoro, rape.

If this is speed equal I think she still wins, Zoro's DC is not enough to get around her regen.

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@Fehafare i think that Quick word calc was Mach 30,000 Sounds ridiculous but no-one has been able to dispute it, it was gotten from the water cutting feat clare did, plus funny thing is clare's speed is half Irene's. Meaning Irene's huld be Mach 60,000. I remember ophelia being unable to see what was happening to her as she got sliced to ribbons. Anyways remember Teresa was able to keep up with this speed at base level. that could put her arm speed to around Mach 60,000 too as she didn;t use yoki like Irene, the point i'm getting at is 80+% prissy was greater than base level teresa in speed which was why she sliced her head, shouldn't that put priscilla >60,000 mach. It all sounds ridiculous but they say numbers don't lie, plus it could explain why priscilla had skewered Mach 3000 riful from such an absurd distance that she didn't even react. She kills zoro a thousand times before he makes a simple move. I wish there was a way to scale their increase in speed with respect to yoki, it'd be fun

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@Tballack: Actually most of those cacls got revised ending in the mach 3000 range.

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I don't know if this will go through, why does it have to be 5 posts a day. Anyways Yeah rifuls did, but the quicksword never get revised, if it did and i'm not aware, pls send me a link

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@Tballack: Honestly don't really remember where it was (i don't even think it was on NF, i think it was on another site which is run by NF members, namely Nvermind being the leader) all i know is that the old calcs were thrown out and that new ones were made topping the speed of top tires at a mach 3000 and lower tires in the hundreds of mach.

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I'd say Priscilla wins

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current priscilla drains zoros life away

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I want to ask a question? can zoro not be decapitated by someone capable of cutting metal? this has nothing to do with speed or anything, say zoro's head was on a platter, could someone who could cut metal cut it off?

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