Zoro vs Ichigo

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Thus far, the consensus seems to be split around even, with Ichigo leading slightly. Some people are saying Ichigo would blitz Zoro with his speed, while others are saying that Zoro has proven himself to be hypersonic by dodging Kuma's air pressure. Personally, I think that Zoro would be kind of hard pressed to hit Bankai Ichigo.

It seems the debates are not about whether or not Zoro could tank Ichigo's attacks so much as whether or not he could hit Ichigo before he took enough cumulative damage to be unable to continue. Ichigo's speed seems to be the deciding factor. While Zoro may not be as fast, his AoE attacks like the Tatsu Maki ought to be able to offer him fairly good defense and offense against Ichigo's speed onslaught. In my opinion, anyway.

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What The Hell Is Going On? I've been gone from vice since I got my laptop :(
@YouFinished said:

i don't see how blitzing byakuya makes ichigo faster. "weaker ichigo" had no speed feats whatsoever, so byakuya blitzing him is not really anything impressive, a faster than the eye feat at best.

This Is Unbelievably Accurate. Why the hell are people arguing this. 
Zoro would win against this version of ichigo, it wouldn't be easy but it wont be a struggle either.
Zoro practically outclasses this ichigo by everything apart from speed however that doesnt matter as zoro has proved going up against opponents that are much faster than him that his reaction time enables him to fight. That was such a silly argument.
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