Zebura vs Magneto

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Current Zebra

Current Magneto, but no molecule ripping for Mags (Although I'm not sure it how it would affect someone like Zebra)

Battle takes place in Cooking Coliseum

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Zebra isn't at this level yet. Shioto would arguably work but not if Magneto has his force field up. That is unless Current Magneto has a nerf I don't know about. I haven't been current in X-men for some time.
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@taichokage: Well I think that Zebura could possibly make him drop his force field by unleashing a powerful sound wave that would break his ear drums and distract him. Plus I think Zebura's attacks are on a level that could possibly break through his force fields arent they?

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Zebra dies horribly...
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Not really. Magneto has faced stronger. He's planetary level now. He stopped a projectile with enough velocity to shatter the planet and has done other things like reversing the magnetic poles on the planet.
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didnt magneto defeated majin vegeta on another thread? he stomps

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Last I read, Magneto was massively depowered along with Cyclops and Emma due to the phoenix force event, in the recent Uncanny X-men series. IIRC, all he could control without hurting himself were nails and metal scraps. I haven't read it as of late, so I don't know if this has changed. But if it hasn't Magneto is getting wrecked.

At normal levels though, Magneto stomps horribly.

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