Zebura vs Jack Rakan

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I'm curious as to who would win. I'm not that far in Toriko but from what I hear about Zebura this seems like a good match up. No morals. Fight takes place in an abandoned city. Winner by death(Rakan can't bring himself back). Is this is good match up or is it a stomp(if it is I'm sorry)

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I dont know much about Jack, but Zebura was tanking attacks from the 4 beast, who in its weaker form destroyed half a city with a simple swing of its arm, plus he was being poisoned at the same time.

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feats for jack?

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Jack can destroy a dimension

Able to keep up with someone who is moving at Lightning speed

Can bypass physical Durability and can the soul directly and copy other people moves just by seeing it ones

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Dimension destroying doesn't actually give a scale of destructive capacity, just that he has the ability to destroy a dimension. If you could try to give me a scale of what he could destroy that would be nice, is he a city buster, mountain (almost same thing as city really), country, moon, planet, etc.

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True but that shouldn't matter. It's not like even Zebra has feats that would suggest he could survive a dimension being destroyed. And a dimension is essentially a plane of existence. If you're In that dimension and it's destroyed, you die unless you are a multi dimensional being. An exception might be a pocket dimension.
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Jack wins fairly easily then.

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Considering I have no context for the dimension destroying thing, it's sort of irrelevant without it. I've heard of this guy before, I don't know enough about him honestly to debate here, and it looks like he does win, but I'm just saiyan it's not that clear cut with "dimension destroying", it doesn't really tell me anything, does it mean he's a planet buster? Universe buster? I'm trying to understand here, OBD has him listed as mountain level, considering the fact that they use the official guidebooks as reference for Negima on their wiki (the Lexicon Negimarium), I doubt it's wrong, but if someone who read the series can prove that wrong that would be great.

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that guy was moving at 150km per second thats nice, too bad zebura moves even faster (207 km per second) besides im more interested on his durability feats because if he cant survive zeburas 10 teraton punch he is pretty much screwed

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