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point system:


u will be graded by the people on AV by

good proof/edvidence( was the proof good? abc logic is aloud if it makes absoulte since) grade A-F
shut down( shuting down another debaters arguement aka counterpunch ) grade A-F
good explantion(why they win) grade A-F
thread killer( who killed the thread ) grade A-F 
plz grade fair 
no sucking up to the veterain debaters lol ( newdeath, dream, etc.etc) if the debaters did good give them a good grade, bad, give them a bad grade 
i dont care if u dont like them if u flame or hate ur disqulifyed (spelled wrong)

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How well Z fares depends on what version of Superman he's up against considering the many continuities DC seems to have for him.
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isent Z like, WAY more powerful than supes. at least, most versions
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@Dream: I believe the version of Superman is the one shown in the picture in the OP which is current Superman. 
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Who Is Z?
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@sinister_noob_incarnate: The Golden Age version from the 1930s and 1940s would be screwed royally thanks to having limited abilities compared to his Pre-Crisis and Modern era counterparts being only strong enough to lift cars and support beams, being invulnerable to as bad as bullets and small arms, and making large leaps instead of being able to fly. The Pre-Crisis version could definitely own Z since the writers of his comics at the time made him overpowered enough for their personal convenience with a storyline. Modern era Supes is toned down of his powers from the Pre-Crisis era and would also be owned by Z as he wouldn't be strong enough to break through Z's defenses. These are the only versions of Superman I have a good grasp on since I'm not an avid reader of the Superman comics.
In the Tenchi Muyo OAVs, Z was shown to be powerful enough to wipe out entire fleets of military spaceships that were capable of wiping out an entire planet and he effortlessly sliced Earth in half. The Five Lighthawk Wings he wields are seen to be the universe's strongest defense as only a strong amount of cosmic force is powerful enough to break through the wings. He's fast enough to fly from Earth to Jupiter in a quick moment, can shift between dimensions and regenerate any damage he receives from attacks.
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Superman's main power stems from physical power and energy absorption. His other powers seriously will not aid him in a battle of this sort. His physical strength isn't sufficiently high enough to break through Z's defenses. Superman's physical strength can be at question here, Superman is generally seen to be able to shatter entire planets with the force of his blows however Z has been shown to have enough of power to punch holes through planets apparently without effort and has been shown to have enough power to destroy large powerful star fleets with no serious effort. He like Tenchi can produce Light-Hawk-Wings five of them to Tenchi's 3 and they are far too strong for Superman to be able to break as he has never been shown breaking something as strong as Z's Light-Hawk-Wings.
Z has shown to possess enough power to allow him to completely destroy spaceships possessing weapons powerful enough to destroy entire planets and has on one occasion sliced the Earth in half. Speed is also a factor and though Superman is able to exceed the speed of light, Z has been shown to move so fast that it even appears as if he is teleporting, Superman's main powers being energy absorption and physical power he does not have much to attack Z with, Z can regenerate from virtually all physical damage he sustains and judging from Superman's attacks being physical for most of the part it will not harm Z effectively. A battle between Z, Tenchi, Tsunami and Tomiki destroyed much of the galaxy, against this kind of power Superman will not prevail.  
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@Newdeath said:
"A battle between Z, Tenchi, Sasami and Tomiki destroyed much of the galaxy, against this kind of power Superman will not prevail.    ND "
I think you meant to place Tsunami in place of Sasami considering the Juraian princess summoned Tsunami to protect Tenchi from Z when he got restrained by Misaki the "counter-actor."
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@Dream: I actually did :P. The funny thing I was just about to edit that part now. 
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Sasami and Tsunami are one and the same entity now. In either case, the LHW as used by beings like Tenchi and Z, the Chousin, etc, are infinitely more powerful than those used on the Jurian ships, which're just watered down versions. The True LHW as used by these individuals multiply all forces by a factor of Zero, effetively nullifying all offense and defense period, and no force can bypass them. They even protect against time, space and reality manipulation. The LHW are the most broken plot-devicey Deus ex Machina in all of fiction.
It's really small fortune that Z only has 5 LHW. LHW can be used to nullify other LHW, which was how Z used 3 of his to nullify Tenchi's 3. Effectively the more you have, the more unstoppable you are. The Chousin though, they can create an infinite number of LHW. The simple reason they do not use more than 10 at once is because to use any more than that would cause the universe to shatter as a side-effect. The LHW also grant Z a range of powers outside of making him completely invulnerable to harm while active and they're an auto-defense, so regardless of how fast Superman is or how hard he hits, the LHW will stop him instantaneously. Also, there is no defense against the LHW outside of other LHW. So unless you're an omnipotent on par with the Chousin, being struck by a LHW will destroy you entirely and not even particles will remain.
Basically, there is almost no version of Superman with the feats capable of being on par with Z. Supes with the Sword of Superman has no feats to speak of and never completely absorbed the sword. CA-Superman is the same deal. He never really did anything and there are only claims of him being omnipotent with no real evidence. Besides that the only true omnipotents are beings like Man of Miracles, Kami-Tenchi, the Presence, TOAA, L-sama, etc.
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