Z vs Silvers Rayleigh

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fight at shabondy archipielago

standard equipment

both at their old versions.

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I'd say its a pretty even fight. Z was having the same amount of trouble with kizaru that rayleigh was, and thats only because his battle smasher weighed down his speed as kizaru even stated. I'd say this could go either way

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Rayleigh should win, his fight with Kizaru was a stalemate with neither side having a clear advantage, however Zetto's fight with Boraslino was one sided, Kizaru was overwhelming Zetto, Z only managing to get in a few hits that didn't even faze Kizaru, not to mention that Rayleigh is still far more adept and skilled than Luffy, Luffy who managed to beat Zetto in a fist fight, albeit barely

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@ImDictatorBowDown: Kizaru was barely doing anything to Z in the fight, the only reason he was actually starting to lose was because he was getting old, and needed that inhaler a lot. rayleigh never actually hit kizaru either save for when he stopped his light speed kick. also luffy beating Z was PIS since he got back up and started fighting again, not to mention he took a town level attack from kizaru and still kept fighting

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@ImDictatorBowDown: Z is the only character that has made kizaru flinch.

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Raleigh wins due to very powerful Haki.

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