YYH Elemental team VS Team Avatar

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This might be good


no prep , in character , blood bending and lighting bending is ok if it's needed , speed is equal

YYH Elemental team

Risho , Zeru

Team Avatar

Anag , Pakku , Iroh , Bumi

Location - Rocky Island with lots of water

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2 middle S ranked demons at their strongest against this team? The Avatar verse is not exactly equipped to be fighting demons this highly ranked. EoS Jin or Toya should able to solo the whole verse never mind the team but anyway.

They get blitzed by Jin or Toya. Equalizing speed won't do much since given their rank they should be at least around mountain level so a casual attack in their direction should be more than enough to take them all out before they have the time to counter, not that they could really do anything to hurt them anyway.

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@Yusuke52: well not really just when we first meet them also if I add blood and lighting maybe

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@SMXLR8: Although blood bending is hax they still wouldn't win B class demons above are too much for avatar verse

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@eddz99: hey even I said the the YYH team has a edge but it won't be that easy

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@SMXLR8: Their aura alone will be enough to fry everyone on the Avatar team, not to mention cause the island to collapse under their feet.

While true they wont kill them right off the bat (IC Jin anyway, can't speak for Toya as I can't remember his mindset), you also forget that Aang the strongest person on the team won't try to kill them full stop. What can anyone on team Avatar do to take out people who can take and dish out city-mountain level punches and attacks. This is a mismatch, they are hundreds of times faster not to mention many times stronger and many times more durable, and while they many not go straight into mountain busters to say it will not be easy for them to finish this is like saying a Toyota Prius has a chance against an M1A1 Abrams tank in an "how thick is your armor?" contest. A single held back punch from either of them will completely cave in their ribcage and break every bone in that area, never mind about the internal damage of that punch such as the broken bones cutting through every organ in that area. At that point what can they even do to stand up let alone fight back?

A single low ranked S class demon is able to run through the whole Avatar verse on his own with no trouble, 2 middle S class demons should breeze through this with no effort.

Blood bending won't change anything since through sheer strength and will alone Amon was able to break his brothers hold on him, I'm certain 2 S class demons can break blood bending just by breathing.

Lightning would open them up even more than they would already be so that will be pointless not to mention a wasted attack since it won't do anything.

Their attacks don't pack anywhere near enough power to make these guys care.

You can draw out the match as much as you wish, but a single attack from either of them is enough to put them all down. That does not make this hard for them, it just means this match will go on far longer than it actually needs to since they could end it in 2-3 seconds if they were serious about it.

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@Yusuke52: all right i guess but lets say the the avatar team fought them 4 vs 1 and that the YYH team power had to match the avatar then what

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@SMXLR8:You want them to fight 4 vs 1, with limits on their power?

Seem rather unfair, you should not limit people that much just to try and make a fight even. The best way to make this fair is to use the Dark Tournament version of these guys as only 2 people here who could have a somewhat fair fight against them is Zeru and Risho.

If you use the DT guys, equalise speed, and restrict the Avatar state then you could have much better fight, but then we run into the problem of all the advantages you are giving them such as Sozins Comet and the Full moon. If you keep all the limits and remove all the advantages each team has then in a much more even fight, but in the end I see the YYH crew winning since they have better attacking methods and all round better fighting skills, not to mention durability which would allow them to tank their attacks without too many problems. They only problems they could have are with Iroh (I would say Bumi but I never found him all that impressive when stood next to Iroh) since he is likely the strongest person here even without Sozins Comet.

The Aatar verse can dish out more powerful attacks than they can take, unfortunately for them these guys can take most of the attacks they dish out.

The second you hit B class demons the Avatar verse is going to have some problems. Anything higher than that and they can't hope to even stop the destruction that will follow in the demons wake.

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Even by Dark Tournament arc, the characters within Yuyu Hakusho are still considerably faster and durable than the members of Team Avatar. The YYH team will hardly have to expand any effort to dispatch Team Avatar.

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@Yusuke52: ok I will edit the op and see what other people have to say

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