Yuujiro Hanma and Tsunade VS Raoh

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Yuujiro from the baki series 
Tsunade from Naruto 
Raoh from Fist of the north star 
NO hand seals for tsunade nor summonings 
NO MUsou Tensei for Raoh 
Yuujiro is blood lusted 
Tsunade and Raoh are IC  
team gets 5 days of prep and knowledge.
feats can be from OVA/manga/anime of any official version.
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Sorry i only know about Hanma & Tsunade, evidently they are on the same side :P 
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I think Raoh could pull this off. Tsunade wouldn't stand a chance against him in close combat. I'm not too familiar with Yujiro but I've read a little Baki The Grappler. I don't think he could defeat Raoh though. Hokuto Shinken simply seems too deadly for these two to me. 
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@MisterShin:  I was expecting something funnier like "yujjiro lifts his leg up". or "demon back plot device FTW".


not even with the prep and knowledge that I gave the team? well, raoh's style mosltly on the pressure point's, and so I gave yuujiru a help from a first class midical shinobi
to help him along the way(avoiding hits  in certain places, tsunade using her abillities to heal), and yuujiro's knowledge about the human body is pretty impressive as well, so it won't be that complecated. and I know that at the start characters in baki series seem just a bit above human, 
but as you you go on they get a lot more powerfull. yuujiru actuall conqered USA by letterly defeating the entire army(dodged soldiers bullets, destroyed tanks,...) .   
-in the manga Son of Ogre
-and in the Maximum tourniment anime in the final 2 episodes
I didn't want to reveal too many stuff in case you are currently reading it. 
plus: I made this thread because I day-dreamed the fight in my head in an awsome way. lol. 
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@Rapest_of_super_heros: Well that is true. But Tsunade will be defeated if she tries to engage Raoh in close combat since he is a much better fighter than her. Yuujiro is very dangerous but I don't believe that he would be able to handle Raoh's style in close combat. Hokuto Shinken is basically a martial art designed to completely manipulate the entire body. Although the team can win. If Tsunade decides to use her Summoning Jutsu then it will increase the team's chances of winning. 
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nah, I can't see raoh fighting that giant snail, that's why I banned summoning. 
anyway, according to Tsunade(while training Sakura), the most important factor of the medical nin's job in the battlefeild is dodging attacks. and you know she actually uses chakra to heal the teammates. plus if (and only if)they attack together she can make a good diversion. you cannot underestimate the speed of naruto characters(possibly super sonic) which has been discussed many times.
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@Rapest_of_super_heros: I'm not underestimating the speed of Naruto characters. But Tsunade isn't fast at all. There are many fast characters in Naruto but Tsunade isn't one of them. She's not remarkably fast, she is simply a good striker due to her massive physical power. Raoh is faster than Tsunade so I don't think she can compete with Raoh in terms of speed. His pressure points will internally destroy her, not to mention that he also has his own power-based Hokuto style.  
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