Yusuke vs Raditz

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How did this even go on this long? It's long been decided Raditz owns.
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You don't end anything fool.

Please try again. You have failed so much here. You not only inaccurately potray my argument or flat out try to lie but you make no sense whatsoever in your own. It was Yusuke's power and body being used so it's Yusuke. Not only that you don't make sense but you use irrelevant scans. So what if Yusuke got cut by Raizen showing two fingers? How bout you stop pulling the most asinine bullshit out of your ass?

It doesn't matter if a moon buster would have to take multiple shots. A life wiper and a moon buster would both take time to do away with the population regardless of how they do it.

Sensui was on the level of an S class demon. Hence the connection. DER!!! SENSUI STRONG AS S DEMON BECAUSE OF SEIKOU-KI!!! SO THERE IS VERY MUCH CONNECTION!!! Is that better for you? Do you speak idiot?

And your family must be in need of serious mental health assistance if they are proud of people for being an ass. You try to be an ass but your family hates you for being the worst at being an ass in the whole family.

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@LelouchCommandsYou: you need to stop and calm down

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@SMXLR8: I'll do that when he gets the fuck out of my face with his "My way or the highway" bullshit. No offense to you but I don't tend to ignore people who call's someone trying to call someone's opinion bullshit when it was something with absolutely no ill will towards the opposing side. Just because Raditz is from Dragon Ball Z doesn't make him more powerful than anyone from another series. And yet he does nothing but try to shove in my face his asinine shit about his opinion with no attempts to see things in a different light.

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...so like, what happens is, both Yusuke and Raditz are fighting on Planet Vegeta, and then this happens

/They Both Die. The End.

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@LelouchCommandsYou: I understand and you have a point YYH cast EOS might be able to win in early DBZ and this goe for the HST they might be able to beat early DBZ at the end. Anyway back to flame/troll war that is going on if the mods see this hell will break loose

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@SMXLR8: Don't worry...the other AV Forum mod is on the case.


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