Yuan & Bontenmaru Vs Black Star and Sid & nygus

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scenario 1. h2h only

scenario 2. no restrictions

speed equal in both



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Feats/stats for Team Soul Eater?

because both fighters from SDK are master martial artists with incredible power/skill. Bontenmaru smacked around the strongest Junishinsho (whose specialty is brute force) in his berserk form and Yuan was catching/parrying off Hotaru's sword swings with his feet IIRC. Bontenmaru's town level+ in raw strength and Yuan is a mild bit lower than him.

In an all-out fight, Bontenmaru doesn't change much. Yuan however can use fire techniques (one of which can vaporize a huge pool of water) and eat their souls.

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@phantomrant: none of their feats would even put them on the lvl of team sdk

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