Younger Toguro vs Hulk

Topic started by Gold_Kitsune on Feb. 2, 2012. Last post by ohgodwhy 3 years ago.
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I've always wanted to pit these two against each other and I'm surprised to see it hasn't been done...

Anyway Younger Toguro, starting out at about 30% Vs Hulk at normal power, Toguro powers up as he needs to.

Who wins!?

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Younger Toguro is screwed here. Hulk's strength and durability is of a far greater caliber than Toguro's where he can lift and toss mountains; hold together the tectonic plates of a planet; overpower superhuman teams like the Fantastic Four and Avengers with little difficulty; withstand the destruction of a planet; and adapt to hostile environments like immensely cold/ hot temperatures and areas of little to no oxygen like space and underwater. Toguro has no means in his arsenal to dispatch Hulk.
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Toguro at 100% probably doesn't match Hulk at 1%. Toguro has feats such as lifting hundred+ ton stone slabs and making small craters with his strikes, but Hulk has lifted over one hundred billion tons and smashed planet sized asteroids with his strength. Although both are powerful, they don't compare.
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Toguro is royally screwed, the more he fights the more he enrages Hulk, and the angrier the hulk gets the stronger he becomes, ergo Toguro is screwed

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Hulk wins
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Hm, I thought this would be a more even fight, But I guess seeing as how They have similar powers (IE to get biger and biger and stronger) and since Hulk's limit is much much higher....

Still I did not expect such a once sided fight. It would seem I've underestimated the mean green fighting machine, or Over estimated the B-class demon....

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I think you should use the avengers world's mightiest heroes cartoon version of the Hulk, it be a more fair match

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@Destinyheroknight: Work with that then. If so, Younger Toguro would win based on feats alone. Hulk would win due to powerscaling assumptions with his power.

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Powerscaling? Hulk (cartoon version) have prove that he as strong as Younger Toguro (probably not as fast)

As seen when he face Graviton (3:20)

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Hulk's probably one of the strongest characters in Marvel, he pretty much took on and won against almost every other Marvel Superhero in World War Hulk. I don't know much about the cartoon version though, but I assume he'd still win.

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