Yomiko Readman vs Toph

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Toph vs Anita King was done a while back which I didn't think would make for a solid match, so decided to see how this one would fare. With the battle taking place in a library loaded with books and both characters bloodlusted, can Agent Paper take out the blind Earthbender? 
 Yomiko Readman
 Yomiko Readman
 Toph Bei Fong
 Toph Bei Fong
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What can the chick with the huge rack do?

Other than manipulate paper I mean?

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Yomiko Readman wins. Toph has better martial skills, but she can't win against The Paper. She can carve through 2ft thick walls of solid steel with a sheet of paper. She can block a lightning sword with one made of  paper money. She can even keep paper from burning or getting wet with her power and has blanketed an entire Skyscraper in paper to make it appear as if the building was nearly complete when really only the skeletal framework had been done.
One piece of paper is a deadly weapon in her hands. And she keeps a briefcase with her with thousands of sheets of paper. Even more kept up her sleeves and used to tie her hair.
Top can manipulate the earth and throw it at Yomiko. Top can even bend metal. Yomiko can cut through all of it. Paper Magic is one of the most Original Powers I have ever seen in fiction.
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