Yomi vs 23rd BT Goku

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So, this is End of DragonBall Goku.  
The fight takes place in a Desert.  

Win by K.O. or Death. 
Both are in character. 
No prep.  

Who wins here?

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Hard to say probably Goku.

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Could go either way but I think Yomi would win after a drawn out fight

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Inclined to say Goku with high difficulty. I mean, he can pretty much do whatever Goku can do at that time, except with Goku demonstrating feats.

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Agreed, it's fairly close. But i might side with Yomi by a hair. His strength was probably better, durability is arguable, and that Youki aura of his was ridiculous. Plus stamina. Granted, this Goku is probably still stronger than Yusuke, but Sensui and Yusuke fought for days and Yomi won. So he probably has the edge in stamina as well.
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Obviously Yomi. Lol, this is an utter rape thread.

Sensui can solo DB part 1 and according to the canon, Yomi is like 50x stronger than Sensui

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