Yamamoto vs Human Torch

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So what if he Torch is island level Yama is above that. And torch can only do it once every half a day roughly. I love how this whole fight is being based off of ignoring Yamamoto's heat. He's 27 times hotter in bankai than Torch's instant draining maximum. He is also more than capable of avoiding the nova blasts even if he were not hotter. After that it's over. If he wanted to he could just use a Bakudo 61 from the beginning and decapitate Torch.
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What if Yamma uses Hados?

Still I see this as a cool battle.

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John was able to produce heat similar in potency to that of the supernova. He takes this effortlessly.

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Haha, you're funny. Nobody takes these sentences literally. The Human Torch has been here for fifty years, you don't want to make this a hyperbole contest.

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@Whats_out_the_bag said:

Well Torch is an Island buster. What can Yama do again?

Busting power isn't everything that matters in a fight. lol

Btw Yama is well above Island level.

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@Whats_out_the_bag: dude im talking about what his bankai's offense can do and how not even planck temperature can do that because its his bankai's hax ability is to remove whatever it touches out of existence  and im comparing it to planck temperature to show you that not even absolute hot can destroy particles  to show you that human torch can not tank a move that doesn't logically exist because bleach isn't base on science unless you can show me that the human torch can protect himself from being remove from existence or even saving himself from being destroyed on a particle level then he needs to put yamamoto down before bankai. Thats 15 million again is another move of his and not his bankai's offense. Also i mention that the attack AOE is small but since torch is as big as a person it should be fine 
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I still don't see any real arguments for human torch. I see people saying he is massively hypersonic. In flight speed with some time to accelerate like supes sure. I've never heard of him fighting at that speed though. Gonna have to provide a feat for that.

Human torch island buster? 900ft? sir i live on a small island 21 by 7 MILES. Even that is irrelevant because the human torch is not super brilliant but he will be able to discern yama uses flames too. I doubt he will risk using his all or nothing attack on a flame user that he see's simply erasing things with his level of heat. Btw even if his small moon claim was moderately believable. The styx moon is 6 by 16miles. Or 10 by 25 kilometres if you prefer. Still smaller than a small island. Still smaller than all of seritei which yama's flames was burning to the ground.

I don't understand the argument against the removing things from existence. If i were to take an original rock and destroy it then that rock is now out of existence. Yama does that but on an extreme level. So he does remove things from existence. Not like a mad jim jaspers freaking "you were never born" ish but still.

Yama's heat isn't even up for debate. The writer first showed yama's bankai, gave him ridiculous feats for it and then further ridiculous feats by adding in an invisible sun shield that is 15million degrees. Yama has never exaggerated. He has never lied. There has never been any reason to put his word into question. So anyone doing so must first provide solid evidence. That or we can just ignore you and your random opinions that hold no back bone. Hell it even states it took THOUSANDS of years to evolve such a technique. He even refuses to use it unless there is a serious threat in fear that he would destroy everything.

While Marvel has human torches maximum output at 1million degrees you guys are sounding pretty hilarious. He is 1/10th the surface temperature of the sun and he isn't even 1/15th yama's temperature who is only about half the core temperature of the sun. You are arguing for supernova for a guy known to exaggerate. That is his personality. He is the cool guy who wants to name his awesome powers and let the world know of his awesome. If there was a person to not take seriously, it would be johnny.

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