Yamamoto (Bleach) vs. Death (Soul Eater)

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It's got to be Yamamoto surely. IIRC Death is the most powerful chaaracter in Soul Eater but Yamamoto has just become something else since he unleashed his bankai. Even Juha said that if he didn't have his quincy defences up he'd have already been burnt to a crisp just because of Yamamoto's bankai being unleashed. It's so powerful that it's threatening to destroy SS just by being there.

Given that he's also got a pretty much impenetrable reiatsu defence and the fact that we still haven't seen what his North (and most likely powerful) form can do I think Yamamoto should win this one without too much trouble.

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Yeah. I had done this battle a number of times with different people. The end result was ways presumed Yamamoto and this was pre bankai. With bankai it becomes pretty clear. The guy is crazy and probably the first and only planet destroyer in the power 6 possibly excluding Whitebeard. Even if he isn't, a 15,000,000• flame aura is nothing to laugh at. Nor is a personal undead army. But in Shinigami's defense he is no slouch. It was stated that he and Asura walere at least capable of destroying Death City.
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Yamamoto wins here pretty damn easy.. he can speedblitz Lord Death.

Unless Yamamoto gets a Shinigami chop to the head than Yamamoto loses LOL!

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