Xmen vs Five Kages

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-Rogue(Ms.marvel powers)




-Kitty Pride





-Third Raikage

-Mei Terumi


Location: New York city

Battle to the death

No morals

Who wins? Give detailed explanations on who you'd think would win.......... if you've got the patience.

Post by SMXLR8 (7,728 posts) See mini bio Level 16

Kages win

edit - if they were in character but yeah x - men do win

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X-men take this. No morals storm could destroy them from the inside, ice man can't be killed kitty is untouchable and so is anybody else she decides to hold onto, night crawler can teleport anybody basically anywhere on the field, cyclops lazers them to death with a nuke sized blast and rogue touches them and they die.

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Iceman solos this is epic spite in favor of the X-men. Iceman has the potential to obtain universal power at his peak. He could freeze the entire universe to absolute zero when he reaches his prime. Kages also have no chance of actually hurting him considering he can regenerate from damn near anything with moisture, including the kages. Not even mentioning storm who could just drown the area if she wanted too, or Ms.Marvel(rogue) who could continuously absorb everything the kage's try and toss it back at them. X-men win this 10/10 everytime.

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Iceman solos with ease and the kage can do nothing to him.
Post by Dream (8,284 posts) See mini bio Level 21

X-Men prevail. Iceman could rather easily solo the group, being an Omega-level mutant and all with his thermal energy manipulation.

Post by phantomrant (1,499 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Kages dont have hella of a chance with the peeps they're up against.

Post by Blinque843 (7 posts) See mini bio Level 6

Damn! Forgive me please. I thought would be a cool interesting fight. No spite intended. Sorry.

Post by taichokage (15,380 posts) See mini bio Level 20
That's cool. You might have been basing this off the early 90's X-men? In which case things would be different.
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No morals.

Storm solos

Iceman solos

Nightcrawler, Rogue & Kitty could potentially solo

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